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I sat down to do her sneak peek last night and woke up at 3:24 am with my laptop on my lap.  Motherhood kicked my butt yesterday, nonstop.  So, I’m posting this a bit late, oops.  Sorry for the delay Angela, I hope her party yesterday afternoon was a total blast!

She’s exactly 366 days old in this photo.  1 year, big girl Allison!  So much fun yesterday and boy was she a trooper when we had a random cold morning in the middle of spring!

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There are sessions that I can’t wait to run home and download and absorb the images one by one.  This was one of those!  In fact, I couldn’t even wait until I got home….I thumbed through my memory cards, image by image, sitting in the parking lot at the location….

Their pre-session client survey indicated green in their images, architecture, coy smiles, happy little boys, big blue eyes, laughs and a whole lot of love.  And that is exactly what they showed up with and shared with me.  Love it!  Larisa & Greg, it was so great to spend the morning with your family….thank you for trusting me when I said “hey, let’s meet in a parking garage”!  😉  Happy first birthday sweet boys!!

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I’ve been looking forward to this session for soooo long (July I think?!).  Little man just turned one and it was the perfect time to celebrate and capture some photos of their adorable family.  He is so cute, very busy, walking running like a champ and all boy!  I love this family shot,  Austin is such an amazing city and I feel so lucky to live here.  I shot this after dusk (f/1.2!)…


S Family, I hope you like your sneak peek and THANK YOU for the yummy cupcakes!!  They were a huge hit with the Stradtner crowd when I walked through the door tonight!  Especially Taryn, she was all over the special orange one you made just for her =)

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As I finish up their order I wanted to come back and share a few more of Miss Inara’s first birthday session.  You can see her sneak peek here.  I’m going to start off this post with my favorite of the day….

She’s grown so much since I saw her last.  I just can’t get over how much babies change that first year, it’s crazy!  Some of my most favorite shots ever are the ones from her 6 month session loving on her momma.  That is one thing that has not changed.

She had so many new tricks, including walking!  I was impressed, especially when we took off her shoes and it didn’t slow her down one single bit.  She’s fast!

and I love this series of chair photos, she looks like such a big girl!

look, another new trick, clapping…

silly goose

Then it was time to change into her birthday outfit.  Get ready for this…..can you believe her mom made this parasol??  It’s so gorgeous, it needed a shot of it’s own!  Loooove it!

another fave

time for cake.  yummy!  she wasn’t really a fan of cake getting messy.

the feet up in the air crack me up

Happy Birthday big girl!!!  And a super big thank you for bringing Ty, Taryn and Teagan some smarties all the way from Canada!!  So thoughtful!

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