And grow and change they did…

When we moved to Austin I was 5 months pregnant with Teagan. We didn’t open Life in Motion here right away, we closed the business in Louisiana and let our move linger into maternity leave. I took 6 months off to stay home with Teagan before I was itching to get back to work. My very first full session on the books was for an adorable little family with a 3 month old little boy named John Michael. That adorable family is now ever more adorable believe it or not as they have added to their crew. I was thrilled when they invited me back after the birth of their second son Noah, who is also 3 months old. I know I’ve said it a million times but I truly am so lucky to be invited in to the homes of my clients and capture how much they have grown and changed. And grow and change they did…

Mary Beth and Michael, thank you for asking me to document your beautiful family again!

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some of our favorite people | austin family photographer

I love….that our lives are so intertwined that when I go to look for a photo of one of them, I always have to stop and think about whether it’s mixed in with my family photos or in their “client” folder…..

I love….that my children and theirs are at their happiest when they are together, no matter what they are doing…..

I love…..the little girl giggles and the dress up and the play dates and the long girly telephone calls and the constant scheming to be together.

I love…..that they will grow up and never remember a day that they weren’t friends….

I love…..that we have friends we can count on, no matter what.  A couple like us, that puts their family first, that laughs and loves with their whole hearts…..

I love…..that he’s totally smitten with his momma, and her with him.

I love…..getting to watch him grow up.  From the day his mommy told us she was pregnant, to finding out he’s a boy, to the day of his birth.

I love…..seeing Lil grow from a toddler to a beautiful little girl and amazing big sister.

I love…..that I can call Alli once every 3 weeks or once every 3 hours and it’s always a conversation filled with laughter, a few vents and one of us darting off the phone because someone puked, pooped or destroyed something. And we can always pick up right where we left off…..

I love…..that I have such a wonderful mother as a friend.  Someone to share the triumphs and challenges of motherhood with.  Someone who I bounce everything from asthma to sleep to ear tubes to every other “is this normal or is my kid a freak” question off of and she always listens and relates.

I love…..really, really love chunky little guys with big blue eyes in ties.

I love…..saying the words “man date” in front of the husbands, just to watch them both get all huffy.  Man dates usually consist of guy movies Alli and I wouldn’t see if you paid us, after the kids have long been in bed.  While it’s fun to give them a hard time….I’m so thankful Jase has someone to hang out with (and that I no longer have to go to dumb shoot em up guy movies, whew!).

I love…..and cannot believe that he is (more than) a half of a year old already.

I love…..this.  Big time.

I love….that it was this blog that first connected our families.  Their friendship is the greatest thing blogging has ever given me.  All of us moving from separate states, turning in to neighbors and then dear friends.  Love em!

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the twins | austin twin photographer

I have so many sessions to come share and I am trying desperately to not have a repeat of last year during busy season where I never got caught up with blog sharing.  I will do better this year!!  So through kids leaving for school, husbands hanging displays on the way to work, craft projects, getting orders out, uploading slideshows, ordering albums, morning dishes and contemplating where on earth I’m going to fit in a shower before Taryn’s ortho appointment, I’m dedicating 10 minutes to blogging 🙂  There is no time, but I’m making it this year!  And these two couldn’t be more worth it.  I mean come on, look at these little faces….


I love the expressions….”oh man, it’s her again?!”…..”nah, she’s cool, wave hi!”….HA!








this little series cracks me up….”ok bro, this is going to be good, I’ll grab his hair, you honk his nose”….hehehe.




I seriously can’t believe their first year is already half over!!   You can see more of these cuties here:  maternity | birth (and here) | newborn | 3 months

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