flashback friday

Can it be a flashback if I never shared it to begin with?

The other night, I had just gotten back from taking Ty’s birthday photos and Jase and I were digging through my archives of the kids and comparing how tall Ty has gotten since we moved to Austin.  We got lost in the folders together, smiling, remembering with lots of “no way!  look how little they were!?”.  And we stumbled across this one….

The day this was taken, I didn’t blog it.  Instead I blogged this.  I never shared it because I thought I looked tired.  I WAS tired.  Teagan was 6 weeks old.  Taryn was 2.5 years old and full of spirit.  She’d decided that the sleepless newborn stage was the perfect time to potty train.  Jase had walked through the door at the end of the day and found us like this.  Exhausted, the 3 of us, Teagan sleeping in my arms in a breastmilk coma.  He made a smartass comment about having my hands full, picked up the camera and took one shot.  I kept it because I wanted to remember it, but never shared it.  I thought I looked horrible, but now, that’s exactly what I love about it!  I WAS tired.  I was a milk machine to a 6 week old going through a growth spurt.  I was frazzled from chasing a toddler who had been sick that week and just so thankful she was asleep, I didn’t even care that I was touched out from nursing every hour, she could sleep on me, just as long as she slept.  That boppy, I should have named it, we spent so much time together.  And my laptop, sitting on the edge of the couch, so me in those days.  Entertainment while nursing, shoved to the side in order to cuddle.  I was a mess then.  So were they.  I love that the exact reason I didn’t share it, is the reason I want to now.  Everything about this image makes me love that time, it flew by fast.

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10 on Tuesday | Austin Family Photographer

1.  I feel like I’ve been living in a box tethered to my computer for the last month.  This past weekend cured that.  And I needed it more than even I realized.  I’ve been chasing kids all day then logging on and working 12 hours.  It’s catching up with me fast.  Friday Jason’s parents came for a visit because they had a wedding to attend out on Lake Travis.  It was perfect timing too because they were able to keep the kids Friday night while Jason and I went to see Conan O’Brien live in Austin.  And while our seats suuuuuuucked, the show and Conan were ah-ma-zing.  Seriously loved him, he was hilarious.  My favorite part is that the show wasn’t a carbon copy he takes to every city, there were so many jokes about Austin, UT, and Texas in general.  He knocked it out of the park and even though our seats were awful, we are so glad that we went!  And the kids had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa.  They brought the kids a buzz lightyear water slide and I’ll have photos and video to share of that soon!

2.  Both of my sessions on Saturday got rescheduled so we gathered everyone up and went out to the Cedar Park Farmer’s Market again.  We love that place and this week we were there for the live music, so fun!  Afterwards, my in-laws wanted to hit IKEA, they’d never been before (I didn’t realize that!!).

3.  Sunday I had a session in the morning downtown and then decided to hit the craft fair at the Palmer Event Center before heading home.  I’m so glad I did, it was just what I needed, a little me time!  I learned that craft fairs in Austin are very different than craft fairs in South Louisiana.  😉

4.  I found some really cool stuff.  Like THESE (I’m trying to decide between the rocket for Teagan room or the old TV for the playroom) I bought three of these binders and plan on special ordering a few more things in papers that match my branding for Life in Motion. I love that they are refillable and more green that what I am using now for todo lists, notes, etc.  I can also throw the small ones in my purse with stickers / crayons to keep the kids happy when we are out and about!  This seller is also amazing.  Her vintage board game pieces are so cool!

5.  Holy crap is this article eye opening.  Wow.  Over 50 chemicals on my strawberries.  Gag.

6.  iphone pics early this morning:

7.  I dug out the water table this morning and the kids played for an entire hour, quiet, calm and happy.  Then an all out smack down fight over it went down.  In the end, Teagan ‘won’ the fight and Taryn turned around, arms crossed, glared and said “You are a sad, strange little man” a la buzz lightyear.  I wish I had it on video, it was awesome.

8.  Taryn learned how to hula hoop at school yesterday.  Don’t you know that I was up and out of the house on my one and only day of the week I don’t HAVE to cart kids all over God’s creation because she just knew she saw hula hoops at HEB.  An hour and $10 later we are now the proud owners of 2 shiny hula hoops.  One for her and one for Teagan.  Even though he’s too young, I just couldn’t face the sharing battles that would be inevitable with only one hula hoop.  See #7!

9.  I am super excited that next week I will be going in to do a little day in the life type session in Taryn’s pre-k class.  She will still be going during the summer but many of the kids will change.  I want to capture this amazing class and her wonderful teachers, they have done so many wonderful things for her this year.  I’m excited to give her teachers some photos of themselves doing what they love and are oh so good at.  When I talked to Taryn about it and told her she should just pretend I’m not there that day, she pipes up with a “Oh I’m GOOD at ignoring your camera Mommy, I can do that!” with a big smile.  Yes, you little turd, you are indeed.

10.  I am going to see Babies tonight with the girls.  So excited!!  Did you see it?  Love it??

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snow day

Be warned, this is a marathon post filled with snapshots, color casts, out of focus images and just everyday stuff.  But it’s also filled with love, so I can overlook the rest, hope you can too.

Today was good.  Today I put work down.  I let the house go.  I enjoyed the most simple of pleasures with my kids and….it was good.  Really good.  My husband was grouchy today (what is there to be grouchy about dude?).  The kids were crazy.  Excited.  Wired.  Fun.  And even though the house got trashed, there are piles of wet clothes and sneakers and socks and mittens by the front door, the stack of dishes and crap piled up on the counters in the kitchen is crazy, it was worth it.  We have had snow a few times already this year, but nothing that stuck.  For central Texas to have snow, much less several times, is a big deal (stop laughing northerners!).  Not only did we get snow today, but it STUCK!

We woke up to lots of “look momma, LOOK!”

It got pretty heavy mid morning.  At one point it looked like huge cotton balls falling out of the sky, they were at least 1.5 – 2 inches wide!

Can you hear the “LOOK TY!” in the second photo?

This is Taryn’s game face gearing up for the snowball fight.  I’m skeered.

Old grouchy could dish it out but wasn’t so good at taking it.  Can you hear the “ouch”?  HA!

Yes, Ty is wearing Taryn’s blue leopard print mittens.  I’m still not sure how that happened but Taryn had socks on her hands.  Hey now, we live in Texas, what don’t have a big need for gloves around here!

This one is out of focus but it cracks me up.  Teagan’s go to “I’m going to throw this snowball at you and you’re going down” face.  You know, Teagan is just the right height that when he throws a snowball extra good, it could possibly hit a certain 6 foot tall guy right in the tenders.  Did I mention Jase was grouchy today?  HA!  Yeah, I didn’t enjoy that moment one single bit.

Once it got pretty heavy the big flakes got in his eyes and he was NOT happy about it.    He’d say over and over, SNOW EYES SNOW EYES!

Yeah, I think it’s clear that not all Texans love the snow…..

So we headed inside for a little bit of this and a few marshmallows….

Armed the duder with an umbrella and he was good to go again.

Oh man, any day is a good day where I get a photo of Ty that I love…or 2…or 3…


Off our back porch….

Once Teagan went down for a nap, Jase was working from home, so I brought the older kids down to the end of our street for a little sledding.  We used Ty’s beach boogie board, worked great!

And look who it is, I better introduce him, Ty’s best friend Wade.  I can’t believe we’ve lived here over 2 years and I’ve never taken a photo of him before.  How did that happen?  He and Ty are best friends and we just adore Wade, he’s a great kid with a great family right down the street. As much time as these two spend together, I’m not sure how this is his first photo…but I love these!

You know why else I really like Wade?  Because I busted my arse not once, but twice today (who knew I could still do the splits?!) and he didn’t even laugh outloud.  HA!  He later told Ty he was cracking up on the inside.  Thanks Wade, I appreciate that!  Wade on the left, Ty on the right.  Ty is acting like a snowman.  Authentic right?

And our actual snowman snowgirl.  We were informed Taryn only builds girls.  Although, by the end of the day, said snowgirl, was sporting a mullet wig and a Heinekin.  Wasn’t me!

All in all, it was a good day.  Lots of letting go.  Of work.  Of email.  Of the house.  To play with my kids in what might be the only snow they will play in during their childhood.  And it was good.

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captured and beautiful, in spite of me | austin lifestyle photographer

I knew I wanted to make a collage of my iphone pics at the end of the year.  thank you Michelle Nicoloff for this post, it totally inspired me 🙂

these moments would have been missed.  gone before i grabbed my camera.  too lazy to get up and go get it.  little blurbs.  little glimpses.  of my people, my loves.  these are the moments in my mind, even more so than the properly exposed and processed ones.  imperfect, real.  i got my iphone in july.  i love it.  i love that it forces me to accept the imperfections.  i not only accept them, i embrace them.  and i forgive myself for it.  maybe that is why so many people are fascinated with polaroids.  it gives us the freedom to let go of the rules and just allow that moment to be beautiful all on it’s own.  and that’s what i love about this.  our moments, captured and beautiful, in spite of me.

iphone yir

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