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((((I wrote this 10 on Tuesday on an actual Tuesday, just moments before my laptop took a swim in latte.  My new imac is up and running and I’m slowly but surely catching up. Thanks for hanging in there with me and sending along a few laughs and a few hugs in your comments!))))…….

1.  Our Thanksgiving was quiet.  And thankful.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

2.  We finished Teagan’s big boy room.  I love it.  Really, really love it.  I need to get around to taking some pics of it.  We had Teagan and Ty switch rooms because Ty has outgrown the twin size bed.  And because that furniture fit in that room, the boys had to switch.  Ty got a bigger bed and we’ll totally redo his room after the holidays, complete with custom made bedframe/headboard, a project Jason and Ty will work on together.  Last night was his very first night in a big old twin sized bed.  He looked so big and so tiny all at the same time.  It made my mommy heart ache and swell.  Motherhood is so crazy sometimes.

3.  As a result of moving the boys, we are currently getting rid of Teagan’s baby/toddler furniture.  Including this bed and this dresser and hutch.  If you are local and interested in purchasing either one, drop me an email at lstradtner at mac dot com.

4.  I love the way Taryn says refrigerator.  “frig-E-ate-her” real fast.  We all find ways to bring up the word refrigerator in conversation with her multiple times daily.  I’ll be sad when she says proper.

5.  This makes me go awwwww….clean babies, matching buzz jammies and one big old smooch…..


6.  We went to Miss A’s first birthday party this weekend.  Can you even believe she’s a year old already?!  It feels like just yesterday that she was born.  On our way out the door I may have mentioned something about Miss A and Teagan being betrothed.  Jason may have reminded me that there are no arranged marriages in our family.  And I may have told him to mind his own business.  Besides, the two little love birds were checking each other out, I saw it with my own two eyes.

7.  There was also talk at the party of the return of Bob & Twink….and I heard a rumor over appetizers that Bob is out of rehab and there “might” be a lady friend for one of the elves this year…..I wonder if that’s true?!?

8.  Reading Teagan a story now takes for.ev.er.  Every single thing he sees on a page = “wha dat??”  The other night Jason was reading him a story abour the birth of Jesus.  The scene went something like this:

Teagan:  Daddy!  Wha dat?
Daddy:  That’s a camel Teagan.  Reads 2 more words….
Teagan:  Daddy!  Daddy!  Wha dat?
Daddy:  That’s the camel’s hoof.  Reads 2 more words…
Teagan:  Daddy!  Daddy!  Wha dat?
Daddy:  That’s the camel’s other hoof.  Reads 2 more words…
Teagan:  Daddy!  Daddy!  Wha dat?
Daddy:  That’s the camel’s other hoof.  ((Silently thanking God for only giving camels 4 legs and determined to move on, he reads 4 more words))…
Teagan:  Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!  (turns around and squeezes Jason’s cheeks in his hands about a millimeter from being nose to nose)….DADDY!!!!!!!!    WHA DAT!?!?
Daddy:  Cracks up….

9.  Our advent calendars are out of control this year.  Each child has one.  Ty a store bought one.  Taryn a homemade one similar to this and Teagan gets this one.  I just couldn’t face the “is it my turn today battles” for the next 25 days.  So I decided to avoid the whole sharing thing all together and do one for each of them.  Yes, this probably means I’m a wuss for opting out of the whole “sharing lesson” but it helps keep me merry & bright 😉

10.  You know what I love about Ty?  I asked him if he would be interested in one of the electronic hand held gadgets that allows you to download books and read them on the screen and he said NO.  No.  Guess why?!?!  Cause “he loves the way a book and the pages feel in his hands”.  He’s 12.  And he said that.  And I love him.

and here is #11 just for good measure……Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!! GEAUX SAINTS!  WHO DAT!!!!

and #12 too – we are expecting SNOW!!!!  tomorrow….can you believe that?!?  The kids are beyond excited!!  I will admit I am too!!!

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the intervention: the truth behind the headlines

Bob traveled back to Texas yesterday so he had no idea his handsome mug was gracing Yahoo’s home page…what a coo!  But, as many of us know, you just can’t believe everything you read these days, the media is so biased.  For the E! (as in Elf) True Hollywood Story, read on, for an in depth look beyond the headlines…..

Little did Bob know that the elven community had gathered, with deep concern, about his hoo-raw in The Big Easy.  Bob’s friend Twink, took it hard, and called in the Big SC and his cronies in for an intervention.

Well Bob, if you wonna play, you gotta pay.  It was time to face the music.  And I’m not talking jingle bells.

Bob was shocked that a little fun turned in to this….an intervention?!  rehab?!  DR. DREW?!?!

Bob is a clever one, always on his toes, ready for anything.

Santa and his cronies are shocked with such rebellion.

Elves are little, but they have good aim, Bob hollers…..”I aint talkin to no stinkin’ Dr. Drew!!!” and hits a bullseye.


Bob quickly uses all his ammo and realizes he’s outnumbered….Promises Rehab may be in his future after all….

Unwilling to accept defeat, and the 12 step program, Bob pulls out the big guns.


Santa and his cronies scurry back to the North Pole and vow to dodge news reporters until December 26th.  Oh the shame.  And Bob has returned to his safe little shelf content with his headache, fuzzy memories of the Big Easy and dreams of being the grand marshal of Mardi Gras 2009.

ps.  my mother is insisting I tell everyone that Taryn did not find Bob hovering the commode, she found him fishing =)

pps.  i think its pretty safe to assume the adults are having more fun with Bob and Twink than the kiddos?

ppps.  go check out Michele’s blog a few photos I took of her and Amerlyn, oh and a few of Teagan too!

pppps.  check back later today for some real blogging and a newborn sneak peek!

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leze le bon ton roulet

Bob got to talking to Paw Paw and heard the fishing was good in Louisiana…..so he decided to give it a shot.

Well, and you know how that goes, guys get together, talk about who caught the biggest fish, throw a few back…

Bob….is this your first trip to New Orleans?

Oh Bob….I am so ashamed.

Like many visitors to New Orleans, Bob has learned a valuable lesson, when you leze le bon ton roulet (let the good times roll), your memories of New Orleans are a little fuzzy…..

Hopefully Bob got his act together before Little T woke up this morning.  And yo Santa, if you’re missing an elf come Mardi Gras….I think you know where to go a’lookin.

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well, that does it, he’s going on the naughty list…

Ole Bob was naughty and decided to jump into Taryn’s suitcase on her way out the door for a quick trip with Jason to go see my mom in Louisiana.  I got two messages this morning, one from Gee Gee telling all about Bob and how he gets in to everything……

And one from Michele….sharing what their elf Twink has been up to.  My boys and I took off for a day of fun and when we returned, I had yet another message…..

Dear Twink,

Bring it on.

Love, Bob.

hahahahaha…..those elves crack me up!

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