just before forever…

Aimee emailed me Wednesday and said “I know this is a long shot, but I’m getting married on Friday….” and something in me jumped at it.  Even though I don’t take weddings on.  And even though I’m closed for the month.  And even though it was a weekday and even though……

I love simple weddings, the kind that are about the two people and that moment and all the real stuff.  Truth be told, I’ve been itching to photograph a wedding for well over a year.  And while I normally refer all weddings out without a second thought or pang of regret, in the last couple of months I’ve had a few opportunities come my way that I really, really wanted to take, but the dates just didn’t work.  So I sent my husband a text asking if he could take the morning off and keep the kids.  He said “but you don’t dooooo weddings….”.  I know, but….never say never.  And it just worked out.  I’m so so so glad it did, I loved doing this.  LOVED it.  It was freezing cold this morning as we met up just before the ceremony and they were total troopers.  It was such an honor to capture their special day!  Congratulations Aimee & Jonathan!

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in search of fall….

Austin is not exactly known for the changing of the colors…but we managed to find just a little.  Want to know the best way to get a very busy one year old’s eye lashes captured?  Hand over your iphone set to Tom the Talking Cat.  No kidding!  He may or may not have downloaded Texas Hold’em but hey, totally worth it to get the shot!!  At least he’s got great taste in games!  HA!

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My face and cheeks hurt when I got into the car after this one.  I laughed and smiled so much, little Miss A is a total crack up!  She went from the easiest 2 year old I’ve ever photographed to the funniest little 3 year old ever!  Seriously, we didn’t even need an hour….I got what I needed (and then some!) in less than 55 minutes with several outfit changes.  Her cute little big sassy personality is contagious and oh so fun to capture!

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Joan turns 1

I usually get all nostalgic and a little sad when one of my baby planners graduates.  I get so attached to them and get used to seeing them every couple of months.  But not today.  Nope, I’ve got this beautiful family on my 2011 calendar 3 times and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that!  So today, just a little nostalgia over how fast this first year flew by, about how much she’s grown and changed and then just a bunch of smiles to celebrate being ONE!

Happy birthday sweet girl, it has been a joy to capture you along the way!

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little man

oh good grief is he the sweetest thing ever?!  i had a great time exploring a new location with this family tonight.  great company, so relaxed and easy, funny little boy laughs, beautiful light and lots of smiles!

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