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Here come the sneak peeks for all 4 love light night mini sessions in downtown Austin last night!  It was a total blast!!  I had 3 returning clients and one new client.  Two couples used it as a maternity session and I have to say, that idea gave me the chills – how awesome to have a night out on the town before a new baby arrives?!  Love it!  Everyone looked gorgeous thanks to Katie at Modern Muse Makeup Artistry.  She’s seriously so good at what she does!

My next round of love light mini sessions is all set for May 5th.  If you’d like to book a spot just email me at  I currently have 2 spots left for that night!

First up, Molly & Daniel:

and Jenn and Matt!  Matt surprised Jenn with this session as a Christmas gift.  Hear me loud and clear guys, you will never go wrong with the gift of photos!

Kelle and Bill….so great to catch up with them again.  Their little girl is just one day older than Teagan and photographing her when she was 6 months old was so fun.  I can’t believe our “babies” are almost 4.  They are expecting #2 now….time marches on!

And last but not least, Jill & Scott.  I’ve known Jill online for awhile, she’s the genius behind  It was great to finally meet her in person.  Uhm, and can you say hot?!  Hello!?

I hope all of you had a great time on your night out!

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real. three photos, three stories.

When I put up a post last week that I was making an unexpected trip to Houston, my photographer friend Wendi emailed me and grabbed it.  And she knew just what she wanted….”birth photographer Lyndsay to show up”.  Wendi wanted all the little real moment captured of her family at home, doing what they do, eating popcorn, playing, dress up, couch jumping, snuggling in bed, playing legos, painting toenails, all of that and more.  She wanted me to capture them…  I LOVE that.  In fact, when she emailed me about it I shared with her that I’m so smitten with this idea that Jase and I hired someone a few months ago to come in and do the exact same thing for us in the fall.  Real moments, at home, all the little beautiful moments inbetween, they matter.

Story for the first photo…Oliver made his mom this necklace that she was supposed to wear for their last session with me.  Only, Wendi forgot it in Houston and their session was in Austin.  Whoops!  So we made sure that she wore it this go around.  He was so proud.  Is there anything better than a mom with a noodle necklace?!

Story for the second photo…Wendi really wanted to capture the kids in their favorite dressup costumes diving off the couch because this is the daily entertainment.  It’s what they do.  Constantly.    Miss A was about to dive when I caught this and oh my word, it cracks me up!  And while you’d think that Audrey is dressed up as batman, you’d be wrong, very, very wrong.  This is robyn, batman’s trusty sidekick.  I dare ya to tell her otherwise!  HA!

And I also have to share what I spotted right when I walked through their door!  I LOVE it!  That’s another thing about working with photographers that I absolutely love, they always print BIG.  I love what Wendi did with her photos from our last session together.  You’d think it is one big print but it’s not, individual standouts hung together and it’s just perfect!  And the awesome part is, if she ever wants to put something else in this spot, she’s not married to the sheer size of it, she can break it up and move it around.  Brilliant!  And it makes such a statement as you walk in their house, I just fell in love with it.

And now is where I’ll confess to a laugh we shared and hope Wendi doesn’t kill me for sharing.  As I walked in to their bedroom, I noticed a big frame with various photos in it.  But the families in the photos were obviously “frame families” and not anyone she knew.  I laughed, she blushed a little and then I too confessed that I’ve had an entire arrangement hanging in my bedroom (for over a YEAR) with frame families in it.  HA!  What is it they say about plumbers always having leaky faucets?!  Apparently photographers are the same way.  Well, at least these two photographers.  Wendi, don’t worry, I have just the photos for that frame!!

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Life in Motion Photography

Life in Motion Photography by Lyndsay Stradtner

My old website was super outdated, embarrassingly so.  Most of the photos on my old site were between 2 and 6 years old.  I considered just keeping my blog and ditching the website, but I wanted a place for my clients to always see my best foot forward, to view my work and to keep myself comfortable with being able to share family snapshots and simple little stories of our every day life here on my blog and not worry about those things being the all important first impression for a client.  Having a dedicated website gives me peace in knowing I can post whatever I want over here.  I bought a new one in January and started to build it.  And then I got busy and I’d work on it maybe 15-20 minutes a week.  It is finally, FINALLY, done and I am so excited to share it with you!  It is a much better, more current, representation of my work, my style, my clients, me.  My hope is that it is simple, easy to use and let’s my work speak for itself.  I still have a few photos to move around, a few things to tweak, but in the meantime, I hope you like it as much as I do!

a quick mini share

I don’t always get the extra time to blog mini sessions, but I had to come and post these.  I loved everything about this Christmas mini, the family, the outfits, the location, the light that evening…just…everything.  It was easy and fun and everything just clicked about it.  I love it when that happens….

Amy & Cory, thanks for hanging out with me for awhile, it was great to chat and explore and see how much Ethan has grown in the last year!  And I LOVED your Christmas card!!

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Yes, October was 3 months ago, but I’m making progress in catching up around here!  At least September is done 😉  Anyway, I looked forward to this session for almost an entire year that they were on my books and meeting them and capturing their family did not disappoint.  So fun and their little guy with his sweet smiles, expressive eyes and rock star hair stole my heart.  Their order came out beautifully, she did a wonderful job in choosing images for her album, canvas and storyboard.  Sometimes we photographers sit in front of our screens and cheer on our favorite images come ordering time and I think she chose each and every one of my favorites 😉  And now I get to look forward for another entire year for their session next fall!

ps – remember when I said in their sneak peek that the dad looks like someone famous but I couldn’t put my finger on it!?  THE ROCK, he looks like The Rock!  HA!

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the birth of john

I connected with this family right away, from the moment I walked in the door for their pre-birth consultation.  Their dynamic, the ages and relationships of their children, all felt so very familiar (minus the baby on the way of course).  Visiting them felt just like being at home!  Their sweet baby boy is a few months old now and I hear growing pretty quick!  He was born at the Austin Area Birthing Center.  I can honestly say that this one was tough for me to stand back and blend in.  They are a riot, I laughed and smiled so much during early labor. A whole lot of smiles and a whole lot of love. This labor and delivery was longer than her other 3 but she was such a trooper, so strong, so able and she really listened to her body.  Their amazing doula, Shelley Scotka, has been there for the birth of all 4 of their children.  What a huge blessing and amazing relationship they have with her.  If you are thinking of hiring a doula (and I highly recommend it for all birth settings!) she would be a great choice.

Thank you to the family for allowing me to share the birth of their son.  But most of all, thanks for letting me be there that day to capture it all.

The Birth of John…..

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