Catching up with this family has become a tradition over the last three years and I love it.  I love the way they show up, so relaxed and happy and just ready to hang out for awhile.  That makes my job so easy because at least for me, that is what photography and capturing families is all about.  I heard their photos made them both tear up and smile and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I am super behind in blogging fall / holiday sessions this year and I’m sure I’m blogging out of order.  I’ll get all caught up soon enough, promise!

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a new tradition | cedar park family photographer

Still catching up on a little blogging…..

A new tradition for one of my favorite families, bluebonnets in their Easter duds.  So excited to be invited along, I always love spending time with them!

Jane always makes me smile.  In fact, I remember my cheeks hurting from all the smiling I did while proofing this session by the time I was done!

This one makes me go awwwwwww…

So does this one…

And hands down my 3 favorite photos from the day…Jane is such a busy, happy little girl and I love capturing her, the happy moments, the busy ones and the simple ones….

The best part, I get to see them again in the next week or so for Joan’s 6 month session, yippee!!

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the urbans | cedar park family photographer

A lot has changed in a year.  Not long after this session, they discovered a new family member was on the way.  A little boy named Tommy.  And then they discovered they would be battling cancer.  Stage 3 colon cancer.    Jon finished his last chemo treatment this week (yay!!!!)!  It was a big year filled with blessings and courage and faith and strength….


Jack is now 2!  And he likes me. I like him.  And he likes to have his picture taken.  Well sorta….

Hey Jack, do you want your mommy to take your “pic-shure”?


Oh, well do you want “Miss Wind-zee” to take your “pic-shure?”


teehee!  I’m kidding!  MC and I have some pretty big photography projects that I ‘m super excited about coming up in 2010.  It’s gonna be a fun year!!

And check out this little chunker, all chubby and happy…..


I look at these and can practically hear the little boy giggles…..can you?







Hey Urban family, here’s to kicking cancer’s butt and an amazing 2010 for your beautiful family!

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the urbans | cedar park family photographer

My 3rd and final session of the day was one of my favorite families in the whole entire world.  i have several thoughts….

1.  They are beautiful individuals, every last one of them.  But when you put all 4 of them together, beautiful just doesn’t cover it.  2.  MC may never forgive me for introducing Jack to marshmallows tonight.  3.  Jack pretty much loves me.  4.  I love him too.  5.  I may have encouraged Jack to make silly face in front of the camera a few too many times today.  6.  I’m sorta sorry about that MC.  7.  It feels like yesterday that Tommy was born.  How is he 5 months old already?  8.  Jon looks fabulous….totally kicking cancer’s butt!  9.  MC got bangs.  Love them.  10.  MC’s mom is a loyal blog reader (waving hi!!!!)  11.  Thank you MC for the yummy goodness you sent home with me!  12.  When Ty was a toddler, I always wanted two boys close in age like this.  I love their family dynamic.  13.  I want a shot like this of my family…..


Two more things…..I love that they make an “M” for her first name.  And, we saw a buck in the field not long before shooting this.  It darted right past us.  I love Texas.

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