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She arrived and was welcomed by a family so filled with love. She’s a very lucky girl. When I look through the images, it hits me how happy everyone was that day. And joyful.  And thankful.  You can see it on their faces, each and every one of them.  I love that. And I’m thankful to have been there to document it. I love mom’s tears in her eyes as she sees her baby for the first time.  And the gaze from dad over to mom with a smile as he holds their daughter for the first time.  I’m always so impressed when first time moms hire a birth photographer, I know that they will never know the pain of forgetting one of the biggest days of their life.  I know that pain….I thought I wouldn’t forget….but all those little details are diminishing over time.  But not this family, they can relive that day any time they want by viewing their slideshow or going through their images, and I love that.  As all of these babies that I’ve photographed coming into this world grow up, I seriously can’t wait to hear what they think about it!

This birth was also my first opportunity to meet the infamous Austin Area OB, Dr. Seeker. He has a reputation here in Austin for having an amazing bedside manner and I think you’ll see in the images that he truly loves what he does. It shows,there is no denying it. I can now understand fully why his patients adore him so much.


Congratulations again Amanda & Trent on the birth of Annslee, it was an honor to photograph her arrival.  Thank you for letting me share her birth story!

Looking for a birth photographer but not in my area?  Click here for the directory.  Photographers interested in birth photography, click here for mentoring information.  Also, there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes with my mentoring program, be sure to watch this blog for BIG news about The Birth Experience very soon!!

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Slideshow:  The Birth of Noah

His birth was quiet and quick (59 minutes after I arrived quick!).  It was filled with love and joy and tears and a ton of beautiful little moments.  He’s blessed with a calm, loving mother and a father who is just head over heals in love with his life and his family and two big brothers that will make growing up so much fun.  Noah, as well as both of his brothers were all born at home, in the same room.  That is totally amazing, but now they can never move!  HA!  Congrats to the entire family and thank you for letting me share Noah’s birth story!!

Also, this birth was attended by Midwife Julia Bower.  It’s the first time I’ve met her and she did a wonderful job, very calming.  If you’re looking for a Midwife in Austin, check her out.


Interested in having your birth photographed?  If you are local, visit my birth website and contact me at [email protected] for available spots.  April is open!  Not in my area?  Check out this list to see if there is a birth photographer in your area.  Photographers looking for information on birth photography can visit my mentoring site.

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I am jump up and down excited that it is finally time!  It has been over a year in the making and I can’t wait to get started!!

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Each membership includes:

You get everything I do, every last step, written out in The Guide.  The Birth Experience Guide is a 35 page document that I spent over a year writing.  It’s packed full of information and images covering topics such as scheduling, pricing, technical aspects, client communication, lighting, equipment, the birth support team, special considerations, emergency situations, the big moment, the baby,  my step by step workflow, presentation, marketing ideas & more!  You’ll also receive a copy of the birth contract I use.

I wanted this program to be more than a guide.  I wanted to offer continued learning.  And a way for birth photographers to connect and learn and share.  Each membership gives you full access to ask me birth related questions until February 1, 2011 on the forum.  Anything that comes up, anything you can think of, I’m all ears, there to help.  I will be on the forum DAILY.  I have committed myself to spending no less than 5 hours per week on the forum answering questions and participating, but it will likely be much more than that.

Additionally, each member will be listed in the Member Directory to aid expecting parents in finding a birth photographer in their area.  I love this part because I get so many emails from expecting parents across the country asking if I know anyone in their area who does birth photography.  Now I can say YES, here is a list!

Who will find this mentoring program the most beneficial?  This program has something for everyone.  The Guide is geared towards those just starting their birth photography business or those who are looking to streamline the process.  Experienced birth photographers will find the forum to be a wonderful resource for networking, support, obtaining marketing ideas and continued learning amongst some of the best birth photographers around.

Please note that only those outside of a 60 mile radius of Austin and the surrounding areas are eligible.  We already have members from across the US, in Canada & Austrailia!

Want to find out more? Look here: Member BenefitsFrequently Asked QuestionsApply for Membership

I would also like to thank my wonderful, supportive and incredibly helpful Charter Members.  They have provided their insight, advice and experiences and I am so thankful for each of them!

  • Emily Weaver Brown in Seattle.  Emily has a lot of experience with birth centers and natural child birth.  She is also very, very knowledgeable on the process and stages of birth.
  • Jodie Allen of Fresh Art Photography in St. Louis.  Jodie  has experience in several areas of birth photography, including being inside the OR for c-sections.  She also has extensive experience in working with organizations that offer newborn bereavement photography services to families.  Jodie brings compassion, knowledge and a side of “tell it like it is” to the table!
  • Lynsey Stone out of Dallas.  Lynsey devotes her entire business to photographing births.  Having photographed over 90 birth experiences, her experience is unparalleled in the industry.

Thank you ladies for all your help over the last few weeks!  You girls rock!!

ETA: The first 20 spots filled up fast this morning after I emailed out the info to those on the waiting list.  I decided to take on 20 to start just to be sure I didn’t get overwhelmed with the process of getting everyone set up.  Good news is that everything is running smoothly with the first group and I am going to keep membership open.  I will process applications as quickly as I can as they come in, please bear with me.  Thanks!

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