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After naps today Taryn and Teagan were in the playroom, I went to the bathroom and when I came back, I couldn’t find Teagan.  He has his favorite spots in the house so I hit those first with no luck.  As I was walking through the kitchen I spotted him, spoon left over from lunch, clutched in his hand (yes, it was still on the floor), waiting, just like this.  Thankfully my camera was on the counter.  You can practically hear him….”mom, i’m not amused, put the camera down and get me some cheerios”.

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flashback friday

my little dude….all of 15 days old.  i don’t think i ever shared this one before, not sure, but i’m pretty sure i just skimmed over it.  i was going through a few images this week and came across it.  i fell in love all over again.

happy weekend everyone!

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austin birth photography . the birth of lucy

A big thank you to Lucy’s parents for allowing me to share their birth experience, birth is an intimate experience and it takes a lot to put yourself out there.  Big kudos to you guys!  I love these images.  I’m thankful they love them too and that they are allowing me to share them.  I hope these images capture their day, Lucy’s day.  I hope they capture how beautiful, and faith filled this family is.

the birth of lucy

I have to tell you that for the first time since I picked up a dslr camera, I wished it had a video feature (hmmmm, maybe I do need that new 5D).  At the end of the slideshow, you’ll see a little boy, a big brother, with bright eyes, blond hair and a big smile.  He’d been planning for awhile to sing his new little sister her first song.  He did it beautifully.  He sung Jesus Loves Me, all the way through and barely took his eyes off of his new baby sister, smiling the whole time.  I’m surprised the images out of my camera are even in focus because I shot them with my eyes welled up with tears, it was that sweet.

And thank you all so much for your warm comments to the post below.  That image will remain one of my all time favorites for many years to come.

Congratulations again K Family!

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I will be unreachable here shortly.  I will be photographing a birth either tonight or tomorrow meaning I will be away from my computer / email and cell phone.  If you need to reach me, please call and leave a message or drop me an email and I’ll catch up with you as soon as I can.  I just know that there are a few outstanding orders and I didn’t want you to think I disappeared or anything 🙂  I am so super excited to photograph another birth, each one is so different, so amazing, so real.

In the meantime….here is another shot from my session with my 3 the other day.  The oldest and the middle….8 years apart but so close.

and what would a Stradtner family session be without a few out takes???  as you can see, Teagan, for once, was not in the mood….poor little guy, I just want to pick him up and snuggle him looking at this….

this cracks me up….older brothers are just sooooo pesky!!!


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a photographer’s dream

in every way.  she is so beautiful and was soooooo good for her session.  sleepy….we did 3 setups in less than the first 20 minutes I was there.  we moved her all around and she even posed herself….

so dreamy…..she’s got the whole pouty mouth thing down to perfection…..

her momma was one of the very first to book with me when we opened our business in Austin.  I have been super excited to do this session, I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for her to arrive.  ok, maybe not for-ever…but awhile, and little miss A was soooo worth the wait!  T – I hope you guys like your sneak peeks!

ps – MC made me the hat and wrap in the first shot and she did a gorgeous job!  Thanks MC – you rock!

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Little dare devil turns around and lets go too….

I know you can’t see em in this snapshot, but he’s sporting his brown chucks.  They are so stinkin cute I can’t even stand it.  Must catch a better shot before he outgrow em.

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