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Playing a bit of catch up around here….it’s February and I still haven’t shared a single fall session from last year.  And I have a big stack of them!  I please temporary insanity by way of motherhood.  And the fact that Jonah is so cute I can’t stop staring at him long enough to blog 😉  Ms. Allison is pretty darn cute too.  This little girl steals my heart every time I see her.  Here she is at 6 months….this was the last session I shot before Jonah arrived.  I was *so* pregnant and uncomfortable.  Kudos to my awesome clients for not laughing at me while trying to get up off the ground while shooting the tutu shots.  I would have laughed at me lol!

And they added a 9 month mini to their baby plan.  I’m so so glad they did, she’d changed so very much in just 3 short months (she has a bunch of hair under that pretty pink hat)!  She’s about to turn one, which is crazy talk!!

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natalie | austin family photographer

I love in home sessions.  Yes, Austin is an amazing city with tons of wonderful locations with character and color and texture to choose from.  Even so, there is still something about visiting a family in their space, where they live and love.  Where they have memories wrapped into every room, around every corner.  Where you brought your baby home to, where you became a family, where you paced the halls with a newborn and gushed over that first smile, crawl or first step.  There is just something so real and interesting about people at home that I love.  I’m not sure I could ever be a studio girl, I love seeing what makes people tick and I love using a space that belongs to them with them in it.

I’m going to post the photos from this session in the order that I shot them because I love the progression.  9 month olds are figuring things out, and true to fashion, it took Natalie a little bit to warm up and figure out I was a-ok….


Ok by me, I love serious photos.


I particularly enjoy any photo that involves pouty lips….


Daddy / Daughter FAVES!


Aaaaaaand, officially warmed up LOL!





I LOVE this one of her in her gorgeous coat….


Here is why I love in-home sessions, hands down favorite image from our time together….


It’s her favorite place to be in their house.  Can you blame her?!  What baby on the move wouldn’t love eye level complete access to all those books!!  Heaven I tell ya!



Did you know that if you refer a client in 2010 that both you AND the person you refer get a free 16×20 mounted enlargement with the purchase of your package?  Tis true!  This beautiful family was referred by this beautiful family and they are both getting a 16×20 of their choice.  Totally free.  Just a reward for sending people my way because I appreciate it!  They chose this image as their enlargement, it just came in from the lab tonight and I love it!!




There are so many things I love about this one too….


Thank you S Family for inviting me into your home to capture Natalie and the love that you all have for one another.  It was an honor!

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