Breastfeeding Celebration Sessions For Charity


Life in Motion Photography is excited to invite you to a breastfeeding celebration in honor of World Breastfeeding Month.  We have just a few spots left!

Who:  Nursing mommas, little babes & toddlers
When:  August 2nd, 6:45 pm
Where:  The Secret Garden, Georgetown Texas
Donation:  $100 – there is no additional charge for more than one child if you have multiples or are tandum nursing.  100% of the proceeds benefit the Central Texas Birth Center Open Arms Program.

Donations are required in advance to reserve your spot as space is very limited.  You can reserve your spot by paying here (use the button at the bottom).

Details:  Each Momma will receive 2-3 nursing photographs in digital format within 2 weeks of the session.  The image(s) will be via digital download, no printed proofs are provided.  Space is VERY limited with this special discounted rate.  A client survey, ideas on what to wear and directions to the location will be provided once you have reserved your spot.  Please note that your images will only be shared with your expressed permission, whether or not you share is totally up to you!

I am so excited to capture this special relationship between you and your child and also support a very worthy cause supporting mothers in our local community.

If you have any questions please email me at

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fresh | cedar park photographer

Did you know there is a new Farmers Market in Cedar Park?  Yeah, it’s probably not news to you if you are local, unless of course you have been living under a rock.  Hey, it could happen.  It has been a huge success for our community and I have been itching to go for weeks.  It was almost too successful at first, tons of people would show up early and they would run out of everything.  But the farmers and vendors have adjusted and there was plenty to choose from when we got there this morning around 10:45.  Just goes to show you how much our community needs and wants a farmers market!!  I really was so excited to finally have a chance to load up the kids and the hubs and head over.  We loved it, absolutely loved it.  I love knowing where our food comes from, that it is fresh.  THIS is what good food is supposed to taste like.  And it does taste different.  Better.  Natual.  Fresh.  I brought $60 cash and barely made it half way through before I had the urge to send Jason to the ATM.  We bought tomatoes, broccoli, fresh baked bread, fresh meat, jalepeno bbq sauce, some natural and organic dog treats for Kylie, fresh eggs (that were layed yesterday!) and a box set of natural soaps from South Austin People.  I love the soap already, we’ve been struggling with Taryn’s skin lately and this stuff smells so good and is all natural.  I really wanted the lettuce, peas, carrots and strawberries, but we divided the money and well, mine ran out fast once Ty smelled food and decided he was starving that instant (it was beignets, who could blame him?!).  We will be going back soon, I’m thinking of sending Jase with the kids next Saturday while I’m working, with cash and a list!  Their facebook page is here which is great because they post who/what will be there the coming week.

My photographer friend Erin Cobb has posted about a program she uses called Grow Alabama.  Does anyone know of anything similar in Austin?  We’d be all over it!!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I hope you all have a wonderful one!  And though it’s not very celebratory, I’ll be back to share a bit of my marital discord tomorrow.  I don’t normally air our dirty laundry here, but it’s Mother’s Day related and on topic, so there ya go.  I’ll just go ahead and put it out there that I’m right and he’s wrong.  Details on why tomorrow!

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the winners | austin couples photographer

I thought I’d come share a few photos that resulted from the fundraiser that Michele and I did to raise funds for Haiti.  These two lovebirds are clients of Michele’s who entered the giveaway to have a session with both of us in downtown Austin after dark.  They showed up ready to have some fun and I think we all had a blast, I know I did!!  I do hope that Michele will share some of hers too, cause, well, they rock!  I had so much fun shooting with her and I hope I get to do it again sometime soon.  And thank you to all those who donated and helped us raise $2400!

Thank you to my wonderful clients who allowed us to shoot in their uber cool cafe, bar & lounge, blu.

Last one shot in the dark baby!  Man I love these sessions.  Seriously, they push it to the edge to find light and there is just something so romantic about hanging out downtown after dark.  LOVE it!  Especially for young parents.  To do something just for the two of you….to embrace who you are right now, together, and capture it….for yourselves and for your children.  I want to do more!!  Any takers??

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jack-o-lantern | leander baby photographer


if jack could talk, he’d be all “WTH?!”

and I can’t really blame him, it was slimey in there!

i had an image in my mind and this isn’t it, but it still makes me laugh.  and just for the record, these photos are several weeks old (they’ve been in my blog que for awhile) and he’s totally forgotten about me for stripping him down and sticking him in a slimey old pumpkin.  whew!  it’s a good thing babies don’t hold grudges or i’d be in big trouble.

a few more from our little fall session to celebrate him turning 3 months old….



love this one of Jack & Mike….


little chubby man, i could just eat him up.  i might just have to go get a jack fix now, i haven’t snuggled him in a few days!

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welcome maddie-rose | austin birth photographer

welcome to the world beautiful girl….

i got to photograph an amazing birth this morning.  maddie-rose gave her momma a run for her money making progress over the last few weeks, keeping us all on our toes, ready to go.  but when it was time, she was ready!  her water broke at 9:30 and maddie-rose was welcomed into the world this morning at 11:17 am.  her birth was fast, intense and emotional (i will go ahead and admit here that i cried when she was born, it was so amazing to experience).  i’m so excited for their sweet family, thank you again for letting me capture her birth day!

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meet will | austin newborn photographer

Remember awhile back when I got together with a great group of Austin women to do a group trash the dress session?  Well, one of my photog buddies, Libby, was supposed to be there that day.  Except, the morning of, Libby didn’t feel well.  Libby had the flu.  Well…..Libby thought she had the flu.  But what Libby really had….er, uhm, has… a Will….

haha!  Isn’t he just the most fabulous, squishy little thing ever?!?!  Congrats you guys!  We got some great shots today, can’t wait to show you the rest!  Oh, and for what it is worth, I totally thought Ty was the flu too!

I’m off to session #2 today here in a bit.  I’ll be back tonight with more sneak peeks!

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the new life | austin birth photographer

Have I told y’all lately that I am l living my dream?  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love.  It never fails, I get the phone call that it is time to go and I just feel so excited…..then driving to the birth I get overcome with hope and know that the next few hours will be amazing.  It’s so cool to get to experience these moments with families, to be that little fly on the wall, to get to see all the little details of the day unfold.  Each one is different, unique and special in their own way.  And even though I’m usually pretty tired on the way home, I’m still on cloud nine, with my mind reeling over the events of the day, the new family, the new roles, the new life.  There is nothing like it….

this totally steals my heart….big brother peeking through the nursery glass at his new baby sister…..

and I can’t get over all her hair….and the little leg chubbies!

Congratulations C Family!  It was so great to meet all of you and and capture your beautiful baby girl come in to this world surrounded by so much family, humor and love!  I’ll be in touch soon with many, many, many more!!

lyndsay stradtner | birth photographer |

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more birth photos | austin birth photographer

I just finished proofing the birth of these two little cuties and I love the images to much.  I wanted to come back and share a few more….

I took this one through the nursery glass……shhhhh……that was a no-no so don’t tell.  I honestly just could not resist.  He was laying there all cute and new, sporting his freshly combed faux hawk at all of less than one hour old.  I had to.

Can I get a collective ‘awwwwwww’….

I love love love this one….

Sigh….newborn babies are just the best.

((((Insert my husband shaking his head no, no, no, no more when he sees the look in my eyes when I get home from photographing a birth lol))))

Lyndsay Stradtner |

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little man | austin baby photographer

I thought I’d come back and share a few more from this session. He really was such a happy little guy, even though he had to be woken up for his session….I can’t imagine a smile much better than this one!

heehee, it was a little windy….thankfully he brought a hat.  it stayed in place…at least until he realized it was there and ripped it off lol….

sigh….why do the boys always get the dreamy lashes??

i love the light here….and the second one is a fave too, a spur of the moment shot walking across the parking lot with his beautiful momma.

thanks for stopping in!

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if i have said it once…. | austin baby photographer

i loooooooove photographing 6 month olds.  they are just so easy…you smile, they smile back.  little sitting ducks who can’t escape me.  remember this little cutie?  you’ll see his cute little face in the scrolling header too.  well, he’s now 6 months and just so stinking fabulous!

I am totally digging these evening sessions with the warm light.  Karen, I had a great time hanging out with you and your little man tonight!  Hope you like your sneak peek and I’ll have more to you very soon!!

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a few more from my session with teri and her family…..could she be any cuter???

when i told her how much i love her curly hair i was informed she doesn’t really have curly hair, she slept in pink foam rollers and oh man did that bring back some memories of being a little girl.  those things were so uncomfortable and trying to find just the right position to lay your head so you could fall asleep was next to impossible.  but it didn’t matter though, when you have straight, thin hair, there is nothing more exciting than to see your hair all bouncy the next morning.  who needs sleep when you can have curls?!  good times.

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