Carmen & Mathilde

Somehow we managed to squeeze this session in right before I take some time off for maternity leave and I’m SO glad we did.  Their session last year was one of my favorites and it was so fun to catch up with them again this morning.  Carmen, who is now 5, was full of smiles and fun this morning.  Mathilde, well, she likes to pretend she’s not amused by my antics and camera.  But I can tell, way deep down, she likes me 😉

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the new life | austin birth photographer

Have I told y’all lately that I am l living my dream?  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love.  It never fails, I get the phone call that it is time to go and I just feel so excited…..then driving to the birth I get overcome with hope and know that the next few hours will be amazing.  It’s so cool to get to experience these moments with families, to be that little fly on the wall, to get to see all the little details of the day unfold.  Each one is different, unique and special in their own way.  And even though I’m usually pretty tired on the way home, I’m still on cloud nine, with my mind reeling over the events of the day, the new family, the new roles, the new life.  There is nothing like it….

this totally steals my heart….big brother peeking through the nursery glass at his new baby sister…..

and I can’t get over all her hair….and the little leg chubbies!

Congratulations C Family!  It was so great to meet all of you and and capture your beautiful baby girl come in to this world surrounded by so much family, humor and love!  I’ll be in touch soon with many, many, many more!!

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austin birth photography . the birth of lucy

A big thank you to Lucy’s parents for allowing me to share their birth experience, birth is an intimate experience and it takes a lot to put yourself out there.  Big kudos to you guys!  I love these images.  I’m thankful they love them too and that they are allowing me to share them.  I hope these images capture their day, Lucy’s day.  I hope they capture how beautiful, and faith filled this family is.

the birth of lucy

I have to tell you that for the first time since I picked up a dslr camera, I wished it had a video feature (hmmmm, maybe I do need that new 5D).  At the end of the slideshow, you’ll see a little boy, a big brother, with bright eyes, blond hair and a big smile.  He’d been planning for awhile to sing his new little sister her first song.  He did it beautifully.  He sung Jesus Loves Me, all the way through and barely took his eyes off of his new baby sister, smiling the whole time.  I’m surprised the images out of my camera are even in focus because I shot them with my eyes welled up with tears, it was that sweet.

And thank you all so much for your warm comments to the post below.  That image will remain one of my all time favorites for many years to come.

Congratulations again K Family!

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rock star

in every sense of the word.  little cash made his way into the world a little early and we had to put his newborn session off a bit until things got settled in.  i was nervous because 1) I was filling in for Michele for this shoot because she’s on maternity leave (uhm yeah, big shoes to fill!) and 2) he’s out of the “under two weeks is best” age….but he was awfully good to me.  he was game for just about anything, let us play, the perfect mix of sleepy and awake, he let us move him all we wanted, total rock star.  and the hair, love, love, love the hair.  with a name like cash and the hair, he’s destined to be a rock star for sure!

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