Annoucement: Fall Mini Sessions in Austin!

Several of you have asked so I decided to open up an evening of mini sessions in the fall!  It’s the perfect time to update your family photos and get a few photos of the kids to give as gifts or use for your Christmas card!

austin mini photo sessions

I currently have 3 mini sessions open on the evening of November 14, 2020 in Round Rock, Texas!  Each mini session includes one immediately family and 30 minutes of shooting time.  Five full resolution images are included in the price of $350.  You will be presented with at least 15 to choose from.  You can see the differences between a Signature Session and Mini Session here.

I expect these to go fast so don’t delay!  If you’d like to grab one email me at [email protected]  You can see all available fall session dates here.

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tara & family

Gah!  I’m going to totally overshare this session.  Tara is a fellow Austin Photographer with Life is Sweet.  I absolutely adore her work and she’s taken some absolutely amazing photos of my family.  I was super excited and a little nervous to get her crew in front of my camera.  Tara did a wonderful job getting everyone’s outfits together – I love love love how fancy they all are!  

I love all the personalities shining through.  From the boy energy, big sister love and sweet snuggles with momma, their family shines.

Because every good session ends with a selfie lol!  Thank you Tara for trusting me to capture your beautiful family.  It’s always an honor and I’m so thankful for your friendship!

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Life in Motion Photography

Life in Motion Photography by Lyndsay Stradtner

My old website was super outdated, embarrassingly so.  Most of the photos on my old site were between 2 and 6 years old.  I considered just keeping my blog and ditching the website, but I wanted a place for my clients to always see my best foot forward, to view my work and to keep myself comfortable with being able to share family snapshots and simple little stories of our every day life here on my blog and not worry about those things being the all important first impression for a client.  Having a dedicated website gives me peace in knowing I can post whatever I want over here.  I bought a new one in January and started to build it.  And then I got busy and I’d work on it maybe 15-20 minutes a week.  It is finally, FINALLY, done and I am so excited to share it with you!  It is a much better, more current, representation of my work, my style, my clients, me.  My hope is that it is simple, easy to use and let’s my work speak for itself.  I still have a few photos to move around, a few things to tweak, but in the meantime, I hope you like it as much as I do!

kite festival, our version | austin photographer

We had every intention of heading to the Zilker Kite Festival in Austin this weekend and the kids (especially Taryn) were super psyched about it.  Unfortunately, Teagan has had a rough weekend, we’ve had to increase his asthma meds and he’s still just not doing very well.  He scares me.  I feel like I’m constantly worrying, watching, listening, hovering….waiting.  For him to be sick.  And for him to be better.  Teagan’s breathing was pretty good this morning so we decided that instead of facing the crowds at Zilker, we’d stay closer to home just in case he took a turn for the worse.  Fighting the crowds and the traffic just didn’t sound like fun.  Instead we picked up some kites, a few sandwiches and hit the park a few miles away.  I’m so glad we did.  Teagan did really well until the end, and at that point I was super glad we were close to home!  It was a gorgeous day and I just kept thinking “this is what it’s like to be home with my family on a Sunday”!…rare for me!

I absolutely love this shot….I love that they are in the shape of a kite, totally unplanned and I didn’t even notice it until I was downloading it!

Teagan was VERY into flying his kite.  I was surprised….he didn’t stay with me or his Daddy very long at all.  He got down and took off, his kite stayed up for the longest time and he was perfectly content running around with it and watching.  I thought for sure he’d need help but he didn’t.

In the end, Taryn got a little over excited when hers took a nose dive and ended up a tangled mess in her line.  I think it would have been easier to cut her out of the web!

While it would have been fun to see all the kites at the festival, this little version of our own worked just fine for us.

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par-tay | austin photographer lyndsay stradtner

Today we celebrated Jason’s 32nd birthday.  After picking up Ty from school, we ran a few errands and were going to stop to pick up dinner.  I called home to get everyone’s ‘order’.  Jase gave me his, Taryn started yelling her order into the phone and then all of a sudden Teagan yells out “ketchup!!”  “ketchup!!”  “MOMMA KETCHUP!!!!!”  Do you think this kid likes to dip stuff or what?  Funny little guy…..


I am so in love with this face, this kid, this crazy little dude who will karate chop you out of nowhere and then love the bobo he inflicted with utter sincerity.  I love the way he runs.  And dances.  And searches for Ty and Taryn when they’ve been out of sight just a little too long.  He’s a snuggle bug.  And a blankie boy.

And I have to say…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband!  If you want to see a few funny par-tay pics uploaded via iphone, click here.  Trust me, it’s worth the extra click, I can’t stop laughing 😉  He’s seriously the funniest guy I know.

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fall | austin family photographer lyndsay stradtner

Fall has managed to find it’s way to Central Texas and our house.  To this I say ‘Thank God’ and ‘Adios 110 temps!’

I love this time of year.  So crisp, the smells, the fresh air, temps you can actually go outside in, pumpkin spice latte’s, fall crafts and projects.  Our family embraces it in a big way….




our front door…..this is the kids new favorite spot, they gravitate here.  Teagan loves to pat the scarecrow on the top of its head, rearrange the pumpkins, sit on the haystack and fiddle till his little heart is content.


Jase loves fall projects too….he and the kids made these.  We still need to put the lights in them but they turned out great and so easy to do!


And imagine my surprise when I came home from working this weekend and found they had all made this super cool haunted house out of an old box.  It even lights up!  I was super impressed!


There are too many things about this shot that I love to list.  Way too many.


And my other fave thing about fall at our house….the view from our living room as the sun rises each morning.  Its a blessing and a curse.  Obviously, the blessing is how beautiful it is….the curse?  I’m up early enough to see it.  Ha, not really.  I do love my sleep, but our family is adjusting to a new whopper of a schedule starting this week.  Oh how I miss my precious morning sleept.  But, I think I can say this is my new favorite part of the day when we enjoy it as a family each morning….


Happy fall y’all!

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