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Y’all know who Keri Duckett is right?  Yeah, THE Keri Duckett, amazing birth photographer out of Dallas.  If you don’t follow her work, run to her website *right now*, you won’t be sorry, I promise!  You can find her on Facebook too.  She and her family traveled in to Austin and I was lucky enough that they hired me to do a love light night session in downtown Austin.  And oh my gosh, Keri and Jeremiah totally rocked their session!  We photographers tend to get a little nervous being on the other side of the camera and she sent me all kinds of warnings about them being on the other side, but not one showed true.  They were amazing!  So fun to hang out with them and finally meet her.  I just love her work and they are really good, kind people.  I know this to be true because they didn’t even laugh at me when we were shooting in cramped quarters in a tattoo shop on South Congress.  Trying to fanagle my big old pregnant belly while shooting is making me realize my new limits a bit and I got a bit stuck hunkered down in a corner of the tattoo shop.  They didn’t even laugh, and I was even laughing at me!  Good people.

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Last nights love light mini sessions downtown were a little crazy with Cinco De Mayo in full swing!  It was fun, we were treated to lots of music and, thankfully, only the fun drunks.  And yes, these two were more than a little dreamy in the midst of it all.

ps – My very last round of Love Light Mini Sessions for the foreseeable future (at least a year or more) will be August 4th.  I only have two spots open for that night!  I won’t be doing Love Light Night sessions as my pregnancy progresses or until the new babe is sleeping through the night.  So yeah, it might be awhile.  If you have been thinking about doing one, NOW is the time to book!

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love light

Here come the sneak peeks for all 4 love light night mini sessions in downtown Austin last night!  It was a total blast!!  I had 3 returning clients and one new client.  Two couples used it as a maternity session and I have to say, that idea gave me the chills – how awesome to have a night out on the town before a new baby arrives?!  Love it!  Everyone looked gorgeous thanks to Katie at Modern Muse Makeup Artistry.  She’s seriously so good at what she does!

My next round of love light mini sessions is all set for May 5th.  If you’d like to book a spot just email me at [email protected]  I currently have 2 spots left for that night!

First up, Molly & Daniel:

and Jenn and Matt!  Matt surprised Jenn with this session as a Christmas gift.  Hear me loud and clear guys, you will never go wrong with the gift of photos!

Kelle and Bill….so great to catch up with them again.  Their little girl is just one day older than Teagan and photographing her when she was 6 months old was so fun.  I can’t believe our “babies” are almost 4.  They are expecting #2 now….time marches on!

And last but not least, Jill & Scott.  I’ve known Jill online for awhile, she’s the genius behind  It was great to finally meet her in person.  Uhm, and can you say hot?!  Hello!?

I hope all of you had a great time on your night out!

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