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I had a great time meeting up with a beautiful couple tonight who are expecting their first baby.  At the end of their session, we decided to have a little extra fun….meet happy baby….

Happy baby likes to dance….

happy baby from Lyndsay Stradtner on Vimeo.

Ok, we *might* have had a little too much fun 😉  My camera was shaking from me laughing so hard.  I’m super excited to get to work with these guys over the course of the next year, from the birth of their baby all the way to the first birthday, we’re gonna have a blast!

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gorgeousness | austin maternity photographer

So a few weeks ago I when I left the house to go do my frient Alli’s maternity photos, Little T was not pleased.  She knew Lily would be involved and was not happy about being left behind.  When I came home I happened to mention that Lily got a new swing set.  Major scowling going on, major.  “How do you know that”….”Did you play on it?!“….more scowling.  She wouldn’t believe me when I told her I didn’t play on it.  She followed me around the house for days insisting that I wasn’t telling her everything.  Finally I turned around and told her there is no way my butt would sit on that little swing, I did not play on it.  And she left me alone for a bit.

It’s been a busy few weeks, they had company, we had my mom here, mother’s day and we haven’t had a chance to get the girls together for their normal playdates.  As I’ve been proofing their images every time my computer is open Taryn runs over and says “I want to see Lily” and “Show me the swing set”…uh yeah, there are no photos of the swing set dear.  But I do have a photo of Ms. Lily and her momma’s cute little bump to share.  Gorgeousness.

As for the swing set, we’re going to have to go invade their house or T’s going to drive me nuts.

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still catching up | austin maternity photographer

Here is their sneak peek….I still can’t get over the fact that this beautiful momma has TWO babies in there!

I’m beyond thrilled that I will be photographing their births pretty soon….as in…any day now!  My camera bag is packed and ready to go.  I have wanted to do a c-section birth experience for a long time.  I firmly believe that EVERY birth is worth documenting, medicated, unmedicated, home, hospital, birth center, whatever, each one is different and unique.  It’s about a new beautiful baby (and in this case, babies) coming into the world and capturing those moments.  Each baby has their own story, their own entrance, no matter how or where it happens, it is valuable.  I’ve always thought that if I had a sample to show people, it would help to be able to invision what you get out of hiring a photographer for a c-section birth experience.  I’m pretty excited about this opportunity if you can’t tell 😉

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10 days new | austin newborn photographer

and so, so perfect.  she slept through her entire session, and i absolutely loved all her hair…..

i LOVE this one, her daddy looks so proud…..

she wanted her hands right up here all morning…..

Thank you A Family for a wonderful morning with your new beautiful daughter, I hope you like your sneak peek!

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glowing | austin maternity photographer

I got to meet up with the cutest little family for a maternity session tonight.  I have been doing so many early morning sessions lately, it was such a treat to get to play with the gorgeous evening light….and doesn’t she look gorgeous!?  I can’t wait to meet their new little one in just a few weeks!

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