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All the pieces had to fall just right for this quick little session Tuesday night.  First and foremost, this momma had to fend off early labor and bedrest and get this baby to stay put just a bit longer.  She did it and I was still really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to catch a few maternity photos of her before their baby arrived.  Monday was her her goal and I hightailed it out there Tuesday evening about 3 seconds after Jason walked in the door from work.  And don’t you know it rained the entire way there, I got there, no rain, we got some great shots, I got in my car and not 1/2 a mile from their house and the sky opened up again, storming!  And we had to stretch out their evening routine until I could get out there and keep the kiddos happy (and happy they were!).  So yeah, while there was a lot working against us, we did it Jennifer, photos of you looking so beautiful and pregnant with #3, wahoo!!

Look at how much Josie has grown!  The photo of Tommy and his momma reminds me so much of this photo from his newborn session and it occurs to me that this is my first Austin family to come full circle.  I did their maternity and newborn photos when Tommy was born and now this new little one.  I love that I’ve actually been here long enough now to have that happen and I love that they asked me to come back!

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mini maternity | north austin maternity photographer

Did you know that I now offer a Belly and Baby package?  Sure do!  Many times a mini session is perfect for maternity photos.  It’s just enough to capture and document your pregnancy, especially when you are about to have a baby and know you’ll want to blow those images up and plaster them all over your walls!  I’ve been doing a lot of mini maternity sessions here lately and I love them!  Their little guy has already arrived and I’ll be doing his newborn session this weekend, I can’t wait to meet him!

These two are so adorable together.  Dominic has THE coolest British accent.  Seriously, I could listen to him talk all.day.long.  British accents are cool.  Especially in Texas where everyone says “y’all” and “howdy”.

Its so funny to me to have clients that know my husband.  He’s kind of a quiet guy (until you get to know him, he’s a closet comedian really) and I’m guessing he doesn’t talk much about what I do for a living since I rarely get people that know him (we need to work on that dude!). But, Christy and Jason used to work together and she was instrumental in getting my family to Austin.  So thankful for that, we LOVE it here.

Baby boy on the blog this weekend!!

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glowing | leander maternity photographer

As the sun peeked out from the horizon this morning, I took a look out the window and told Jase I had a feeling the light was going to be amazing for this session.  It was.  It soooooo was…..


This sweet couple is expecting their first on Thanksgiving and it was such a joy to meet up with them first thing this morning to capture their last days as a family of two.  I can’t wait to meet their new little one!  Congrats M & D, I’ll see you soon!!

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a lot changes in a year | austin family & maternity photographer

I got to photograph this adorable family last fall and I was so excited when they booked for family photos this year too.  A lot has changed, little miss A is a year older and looks like such a big girl now.  And they have a new baby on the way, exciting times.  I absolutely loved the light tonight, so pretty, but we had to work fast because it dropped off quick.  Miss A walked right over and threw me a bunch of smiles straight away….color me impressed!


And thanks guys for being such troopers at sunset….I lost count of the number of mosquitoes I cloned out of that shot!  I hope it was worth it and you’re not too itchy tonight 😉

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catching up | austin maternity photographer

I’m playing catchup and blogging some sessions….this order was actually already delivered but I wanted to come back and share a few before I get called away to their impending birth here pretty soon.  And by a few I mean a lot, I had so many faves it was hard to choose!  I was pretty excited to get to deliver their order in person and look through the images together, I usually ship orders out, so that was a treat for me.  Miss T….you look beautiful darling….

If you’re a regular around here, you’ll be happy to know that not only is she a client, but she’s a regular blog reader (and loyal commenter – thanks girl!) too.

She gets me….I flippin love working with people who get me.  Who let me just do my thing and trust.  That rocks.  Yeah, they were pretty trusting.

The best part, I get to work with them from maternity, to the birth and all the way through the first year.  I love that.  I love watching brand spanking new families grow and change right before my eyes.  I love seeing them go from a couple to a couple of experienced parents in the matter of one year. Just think about all they will experience together, everything they will learn, how much more love they will have.

I think just about every Austin photographer has shot here before, there were several of us there during this shoot as a matter of fact.  Awesome location.

Love this one….

I love these two shots.  I love the way he is touching her belly.  Such a guy way to do it.  Like he’s grasping a basketball, perfect!!

Thanks for a really great session you two and I’m sooooo looking forward to the next year!

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beautiful inside and out | austin maternity photographer

Many of you know MC.  Or if you don’t know her personally, you’ve heard me talk about her.  She is a local that I mentor.  But more importantly, she’s now my friend.  She is strong, and gracious, and kind.  She has a positive attitude about her life and her loves.  She is an awesome mom and a strong, faithful wife.  She embraces life and the beautiful things around her and I admire her so much for the woman she is.  I am so proud of where she is taking her photography, a place with intention and an open heart.  I told Jason I was nervous about our session tonight and he said “why?!  you go out shooting with MC all the time?”  Because I really wanted her images so reflect the beauty and strength that so many others see in her.  I hope these do.

And now, as promised in 10 on Tuesday this week….a little funny.  Remember this maternity mentoring session MC and I did together?  Well at one point during the session I asked MC to “go stand over there and act pregnant so I can test the light”….you know, to mimic the client.  She walked over and struck a post, E, our model, throws out a “when are you due?!” and MC threw back a “SHUT IT”.  ((((note to self, include “don’t say shut it to client” lesson during future mentoring LOL))))  In all fairness, E and MC are friends, so it was pretty funny.  Just a few days later, we found MC had already had her first official, unofficial, maternity shot, she was expecting.  I thought it would be fun to return there tonight and take an official, official version.

Congratulations again my friends….I can’t wait to meet the new little one and am pretty much planning on moving right in and making myself comfortable in the name of newborn photography once he arrives.

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