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Have you ever thought about what a boring, mundane (yet clean) place this world would be without kids?  Kids are awesome….

Love it.  Love my job.

Stay tuned this weekend and coming up week, this place is going to be hoppin’…..a beautiful family all the way from Arkansas, this little one decided to cuddle with his parents a little early and I have 3 mini maternity sessions, hello Austin baby boom!

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sweet jane | round rock child photographer


sweet jane totally stole my heart this morning.  like a big breath of fresh air, so bright, happy and curious.  i’m feeling very blessed to get to watch her grow over the next year.  jane is about to be a big sister and i’ll be capturing a year full of memories for her family, from the birth of their to new baby all the way to the first birthday.  and i simply can’t wait.

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a little familiar | austin family photographer

My session for tonight got rescheduled thanks to some nasty weather we are having (boo).  I guess I shouldn’t complain, I’ve only had to reschedule due to weather twice in a year and a half we’ve been here.  Probably because it pretty much never rains here, its one thing I just can’t get used to.

So instead of being off shooting a beautiful family and having fun, I’m catching up on some less fun things like quickbooks and filing.  I also thought I’d take a break from finalizing this order to come share more from a recent session, this little family was soooo cute.  The big sister is Taryn’s age ….

and the little guy is Teagan’s age….

their family dynamic felt so familiar to me, I had a lot of fun hanging out with them.

she is quite the little ham…she absolutely loved the camera!

oh man, this is one of my faves.  it totally makes me wish i was a kid again, who giggled like this, while rolling around in the grass.  living large this one is….

look at these big dreamy eyes…..sigh

another fave…poor little guy was fading towards nap time.  he stopped for a quick little rest but then he was off again!

i hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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yummy | austin kids photographer

I had a great morning with an adorable little family bright and early…

hehehe….I just love this set so much!!  I don’t think I’ve done lollipop pictures since we moved to Austin but this little cutie was all over the idea of lollipops from the second she spotted them in my bag!

The location was pretty yummy too, I fell in love with it instantly.  It’s great to be 3 isn’t it?

her little brother was pretty yummy too, just look at those eyes and those cheeks!

M family, thanks for a fun morning, I still can’t believe the weather held out for us, but we made it!  I’ll have many more for you very soon!!

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smiles | austin family photographer

I’ve had this session on the books for weeks, but try as we might, we had a hard time making it happen.  Texas has been having some wacky weather here lately, everything from 75 degrees to 35 degrees with wind advisories and even hail storms.  Crazy.  While it was pretty windy today, it was finally warm enough to venture out with a little bitty one.  We finally got to meet up tonight and I had such a good time with this sweet family.  I can’t look at these two photos and not smile….so happy to have captured these.  His Mom and Dad warned me it might be difficult to catch some smiles, but I brought my bag of tricks along today.

and his new baby brother with his beautiful momma….this was an instant favorite the second I snapped it!

Can you believe he’s only one month old?!?!  Look at those eyes and that little grin!  N Family, it was so great to see you guys again!  Thanks for coming to hang out with me for awhile, I can’t wait to show you the rest =)

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ch ch ch changes | austin children’s photographer

Almost exactly two years ago, I got a new camera and Ty and I went out exploring, giving the 5D a good breakin.  Not planned, but we did the same thing yesterday.  Can you believe how much he’s grown and changed???

Ty’s not the only thing that has changed….Several weeks ago I bought a new camera, I don’t think I’ve told y’all that.  It’s already gotten a pretty good workout (this session and Teagan’s birthday I haven’t proofed yet).  I’m totally in love with it.  Worth every single penny and I’m super excited about the changes the new video technology will bring to my business.  It will take some time to work out the kinks but where I am going is bright and vivid in my mind…..I.CANNOT.WAIT.

I’ve got a new website in the works too!  It’s still a baby and needs lots of love and attention…but I am so excited to be working on it and will share soon =)

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