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Michele and I went downtown tonight to photograph the winner of our Helping Hearts for Haiti session.  Michele called the night magic and boy is she right.  These night sessions are truly something special, I think I am getting addicted them.  Seriously, there is just something so challenging, so creative, so romantic about being out with a couple in love after dark that I absolutely love.  And these two showed up ready for anything!!  Aren’t they adorable?!

And I have to give a HUGE thank you to my wonderful clients and owners of Blu who allowed us to raid their amazing venue for awhile tonight.  If you’re in Austin and you’ve never been to Blu, you’re missing out, that place rocks!


The Austin Photographer Who Is Resisting Posting Funny Photos of Old Pinkle on My Blog.

Click here to see why 😛

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life in motion photography: a night out | austin couples photographer

I’ve wanted to do this forever….go out at night and find the light.  Every since I saw Jodie Allen do it over a year ago, I wanted to shoot one, and have one all to myself for just me and my husband.  Tonight, I got to do both.  Michele and I grabbed our hubbies and our cameras, left our kids with sitters, got all dolled up and hit the town.  It was amazing and fun and we laughed and talked and ate and cuddled our husbands on the dark streets of downtown Austin.  We pushed ourselves to find the light, creatively, technically.  It was exactly what I needed….I’m hoping you like these M!




ETA:  EEEEEKKK!  Go here to see our sneak peek!  LOVE!!!

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dancin’ | austin couples photographer

I was so honored when Elizabeth booked a session with me before starting out on a new grand adventure.  I still can’t get over the fact that they have known one another since pre-k.  How amazing is that?!  Love it…..



I love that i was able to convince them to show me some of their dancin’ moves down on the bridge!  I was impressed!





Thanks again you two, Austin will miss you!!

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cristina & whit

my very first Austin urban couples session….and it was a blast!  cristina first contacted me and we talked about doing a couples session because they weren’t thrilled with their wedding photos.  i could immediately relate to that.  in fact, we only have one hanging in our home, so i know the sadness that comes with that disappointment.  i’m so glad they decided to do this session as a way to make up for it, a way to capture them as they are, young and in love, pretty close to the beginning of their journey.  i have been really excited about this session because i wanted to give them something special, i wanted them to be excited about their new photos, they deserve it!!

they were so sweet together and up for anything.  we even snuck onto the porch at the Diskill Hotel on 6th Street for quick toast.  eh, so my husband looked at me like i was nuts leaving the house at 6:45 am with a bottle of wine and my camera.  and yeah, this shot was taken pretty early, it was only around 8 am, but I won’t share how hard I had to twist their arms to drink that early (wink wink).  we had to make it snappy though as we were being watched pretty carefully by the staff.  we managed to snap, chug and bolt before getting kicked out though  😉

a little early morning sunflare

isn’t she just stunning?  whit is one lucky guy!

one of my faves, on the corner of the infamous 6th street and Congress.  the light was crazy for this one, the sun was behind me but reflecting off the skyscraper in front of me.  that created a dark shadow on the left side of the street and there was this little lit up pocket right where they are standing, and it was only there for a minute and then it was gone.

cristina & whit, thank you for such a fun morning, it was great hanging out with you guys for awhile.  i really dig that you wanted to capture who you are right now, a young couple, in love, just as you are.  i hope you like your sneak peek!  many more to come!

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