The first thing that jumped out at me when I met this family is just how incredibily loved their little guy is.  The thoughtful attention, the smiles, the hugs and kisses.  While I was intending to focus on Ryker and his mom since she’s usually the one behind the camera most of the time, I love that I caught just the edge of dad in these, blowing kisses and sending love to his little guy….

This is the first of 3 sneak peeks going up tonight, and it’s a little late.  Colleen and Brett, I hope it was worth the wait, I had a wonderful time with your adorable family!!

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3 | austin teen and family photographer

I have a weekend of 3’s.  Today, a cute family consisting of 2 boys and one girl.  I absolutely love this first shot, he is so striking…

And little Miss B stole the show, she looooooved, the camera!  She makes me wish I had freckles.

J and I had fun playing in the art too.  Isn’t this a cool location?  L, you did a great job choosing!!  Your children are just gorgeous, thanks for meeting up with me tonight!  I’ll have more for you soon!!

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a few more from my session with teri and her family…..could she be any cuter???

when i told her how much i love her curly hair i was informed she doesn’t really have curly hair, she slept in pink foam rollers and oh man did that bring back some memories of being a little girl.  those things were so uncomfortable and trying to find just the right position to lay your head so you could fall asleep was next to impossible.  but it didn’t matter though, when you have straight, thin hair, there is nothing more exciting than to see your hair all bouncy the next morning.  who needs sleep when you can have curls?!  good times.

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