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She arrived and was welcomed by a family so filled with love. She’s a very lucky girl. When I look through the images, it hits me how happy everyone was that day. And joyful.  And thankful.  You can see it on their faces, each and every one of them.  I love that. And I’m thankful to have been there to document it. I love mom’s tears in her eyes as she sees her baby for the first time.  And the gaze from dad over to mom with a smile as he holds their daughter for the first time.  I’m always so impressed when first time moms hire a birth photographer, I know that they will never know the pain of forgetting one of the biggest days of their life.  I know that pain….I thought I wouldn’t forget….but all those little details are diminishing over time.  But not this family, they can relive that day any time they want by viewing their slideshow or going through their images, and I love that.  As all of these babies that I’ve photographed coming into this world grow up, I seriously can’t wait to hear what they think about it!

This birth was also my first opportunity to meet the infamous Austin Area OB, Dr. Seeker. He has a reputation here in Austin for having an amazing bedside manner and I think you’ll see in the images that he truly loves what he does. It shows,there is no denying it. I can now understand fully why his patients adore him so much.


Congratulations again Amanda & Trent on the birth of Annslee, it was an honor to photograph her arrival.  Thank you for letting me share her birth story!

Looking for a birth photographer but not in my area?  Click here for the directory.  Photographers interested in birth photography, click here for mentoring information.  Also, there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes with my mentoring program, be sure to watch this blog for BIG news about The Birth Experience very soon!!

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Introducing Annslee Nichole

I had a maternity session scheduled for tonight to capture a cute little baby bump.  I still met up with this beautiful family, but they were photographed a little differently than initially planned for today!

Out of all the mommy/baby photos I’ve captured, yeah, that one goes in right toward the top of the list.  Love it.  Pure joy!

Congrats A & T on your beautiful new baby girl!!

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away | austin birth photographer

I will be away photographing a birth all day tonight and possibly tonight as well.  I am a bit behind in email as yesterday I was off celebrating 5 years of marriage.  Please hang in there with me as I try and juggle busy season, my inbox and the miracle of birth!  Clients if you need to reach me right away, please call and leave a voicemail on my cell phone and I will get back to you just as soon as I can.  Thanks!

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Introducing Joan | Austin Birth Photographer

This beautiful family welcomed their second daughter into the world and it was an honor to be there to capture it.  There were so many wonderful moments today.  Here are two….



So beautiful.  The baby, the family, their moments….I just can’t get over the miracle of it all.  It hits me every single time.  Each experience is so unique, so special, so valuable.  I have so much to share, totally amazing day that started with a session at dawn, a crazy morning with my monkeys, a trip to Hobby Lobby with 2 of said crazy monkeys that resulted in me getting ‘the call’, dropping my basket and hightailing it out of there at mach speed  ((insert public apology to the clerk I ‘almost’ ran over on my way out here….sorry dude, I was on a mission!)) and the amazing birth of the above little beauty.  A fun whirlwind to say the least!  Can I just say it again, my job rocks!

And a quick, huge thank you to Polly, your beefed up sneak peek will be up tomorrow, promise!  And Emily, for being so understanding about our rescheduled meeting this evening.  I can’t wait to capture the birth of your little miracle as well!!

And now, this tired photographer is off to bed!  zzzzzzzzzz

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