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That tongue.  He kills me.  It’s his new *thing*.  And he’s very ticklish.  Especially on his sides and his back.  He often cracks up laughing through his chiropractic adjustments.  You can pinch those chubby little thighs and he’ll let out a big belly laugh.  It’s my favorite.

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4 months old | austin baby photographer

My sweet little “Mister” turned 4 months old today.  How is that 4 months have gone by so incredibly quickly?!  It’s hard now to even remember what it was like before he was here.  He’s finding his place in this family with his sweet, easy going, happy little personality.  Taryn nicknamed him “Mister” and it stuck.  It fits him well.  He’s been rolling over belly to back for quite some time, but has yet to venture back to belly yet.  He loves to sit and stand on our laps.  He’s the most ticklish on his back and sides.  I love it when he lets a big belly laugh loose.  We are going through that phase of nursing where he is SO distractible.  It’s making this momma a big crazy, but we are working on it.  He’s weighing in right around 15 lbs.  He doubled his birth weight in 4 months….so he’s twice as big as he was when he was placed in my arms for the first time….how is that possible?!  He’s a blankie boy, a snuggle bug and a thumb sucker.  He still adores Miss Taryn and has started to think Maggie is fascinating in her own right (….and she is).  Cloth diapering has been easier than I imagined (and addicting!) and we are doing what we can to delay solids.  The next month is going to be a blast with him.  I love this age.  I love him.

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Welcoming Miles | Austin Newborn & Family Photographer

This is a big session share, I just couldn’t narrow down what I wanted to blog, I love so many of them!  The colors they chose, the dramatic lighting, the snuggles and the sweet kisses from big brother.  I’ve had the honor of photographing this family since William was still baking, throughout his first year, when Miles was baking and now his newborn session.  I have absolutely loved each and every session with them.  William has grown to be such a fun little person.  I know that Miles, if anything at all like William, will add to the love and personality in this family 10 fold.  Their house will be busy and fun!  Congrats O’Neil family, I’m thrilled for you!

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, you can see their other sessions here:  William Maternity | William Newborn | William 6 Months Old | William 12 Months Old | Miles Maternity Love Light

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Still catching up from the fall, if it isn’t obvious from the pretty leaves on the ground.  LOVED photographing this happy little guy.  He was so good to me.  I absolutely love this age and all the different expressions he threw my way.  But when he was done, we knew it was the end 😉

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sweet savannah

Sweet Savannah stole my heart this morning.  She’s a girl who knows what she likes.  And do you know what I like?  Rummaging through her very talented interior designer mom’s stuff.  Yes, it was like photographer heaven between the amazing props and furniture, the sweet baby girl and the gorgeous family she belongs to.  Congratulations Ashley & Eric on your beautiful new daughter!

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