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Just a quick note to let everyone know that I will only be working evening/night hours for the next week while my kids are home on Thanksgiving break.  I had hoped to be done with all orders and proofing by today, that didn’t happen, but I’m pretty close.  If you need me for anything, please send me an email and I’ll get back to you between 8 pm and 12 am at night.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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life in motion hits the road again | orange beach alabama photographer

I’m so excited to offer some beach sessions this summer!  I normally offer Louisiana mini sessions in Old Town Slidell, but this year my parents moved.  Our summer trip ‘home’ will instead be to their new home in Orange Beach, Alabama.  I’ll miss my Slidell peeps this year, but we just couldn’t work it out to divide the our trip where it fell on a weekend in both places.  We used to visit Orange Beach each summer when I was a kid for vacation and it holds so many memories for me.  We went last year for just a few days after our stay in Slidell and I got to do a special little session with Taryn on the beach AND  I got to meet and photograph one of my photographer BFF’s Jodie Allen.  You can check out their beach session here.

I’ll be taking ONLY 3 full sessions sessions between July 16 and July 17.  These will be full sessions, not mini sessions as in years past when I’ve traveled.  Email me for more details and a complete price list.

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3 on Tuesday | austin photographer

1.  It seems I am sinking.  I have a hard drive full of images that need some love and attention so that I can send them off to my clients.  I am super behind…on everything, editing, email, voicemail, packaging orders, etc.  If you are waiting on me for something, I’m sorry, I’m coming, I promise!  Between Jason going out of town last weekend and being on my own with the boys, Teagan’s health issues and my kids being off for spring break, figuring out summer camps, signing up for dance classes, trips to the doctor and dentist…..I’m sinking.  If you’re waiting on proofs from me, head on over to the Life in Motion Facebook Fanpage and look for a little something extra to say thank you for your patience.  I went on a little sharing spree =)

2. Guess what else I’m behind on?  Apparently, shopping (gasp!).  Poor duder can attest (while he’s waiting on the flood).  When did this happen?!

3.  Teagan’s been headbutting.  Objects, people, the dog, the wall, his sister and his brother.  It’s driving us crazy.  He thinks it is hilarious.  We normally do not, but, we all lost it in a fit of laughter tonight when he got his words mixed around and pointed at Ty and said “butt head”.  Totally shouldn’t have laughed.  Totally couldn’t help it.

Alright, I’m on hour 20 something and fading fast…..

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Life in Motion Photography: a few new openings | austin family & child photographer

My schedule for the next few weeks got all flipped around due to some family schedule changes.  I now have 3 openings for full sessions between now and the first week of February.  Established clients if you’d like a mini, we can make that work too!  As a special incentive for these 3 spots, if you book one, you’ll receive one of the new 2010 Life in Motion Photography, at a glance, custom designed calendars featuring photos from your session for free.

After these 3 spots fill up, I’m booked until the end of April (excluding newborns, I always do my best to make room for newborns).  I also have a few birth openings left for 2010.  If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected]

And speaking of all flipped around…. 😉 ….


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