10 on Tuesday: Snapshot Edition

For a long time I got caught up on always taking a correct photograph, even just of my kids, hanging around the house or whatever.  Thankfully, over time, I’ve gotten over it.  I actually take a ton of snapshots.  I shoot a ton and while a lot of them land in a file called "proof once my children are older, out of the house and I’m bored in my empty nest", I do proof some and print some, but I barely ever share them so I thought it would be fun to share a few on a 10 on Tuesday post…

1.  Little T, swinging at the park this morning.  No more baby swings, she’s all about that big kid swing.  Right after this we blew lots and lots of bubbles….it was fun.


2.  Ty, on his way out the door on the first day of school.  His bus leaves at the crack of dawn, so it was still dark.


3.  This one is for my mom….she bought this for Taryn for her birthday and wanted to see what it looks like all hung up in her room….so here ya go Gee Gee….


4.  Our Taryn’s dog Kylie.  Follows Taryn everywhere.  All.the.time.  When Taryn is outside with me or Jase, Kylie sits by the door and waits for her to come back in.  When Kylie hears her voice getting close, she starts to spin around in circles like a big 70 lb tornado dog.  This is Kylie’s signature loving head tilt…


5.  Jase installing our new storm door, and T painting the front walk while he works.  I love the new door, lets in tons of light.


6.  Just one of many reasons Little Dude loves hanging out in Taryn’s room…


7.  Jason helping Teagan learn how to sit.  Love my boys.


8.  I can do it, I can do it, by myself.  I hear this 1,008,632 times per day.  Damn that Barney.


9.  Little dude now loves sitting up his crib.  It cracks me up to walk by his room and see nothing more than his cute little mohawk and eyes peeking over the edge looking out at me!


10.  One of our prizes from winning the bump contest on the nest.  Still don’t know what we are doing about Jamaica.  Its been a little frustrating trying to figure it all out, while we’d love for the whole family to go on the trip, we just can’t justify putting ourselves in debt over it.  Figuring out who is going to go, well, that’s been a pretty constant debate.   We also haven’t had much luck in dealing with the marketing company handling the trip for their client (the resort)….she is nice as can be but replies to us without really saying anything or answering our questions even though she uses a lot of words.  Kind of politicianesque LOL!  So, for now, it’s still all up in the air.  Love, love, love the gift basket though!  I also heard from the Bump magazine last week, they needed to confirm the spelling of our names.  Good thing they called cause boy do we have some doozies!  The publication will be released this fall, can’t wait!


Thanks for stopping in!  =)

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when squash attacks

I usually just rinse him off after lunch, but the squash attacked and
he needed a quick bath. He was so funny, he tried to dive over to the
other side and attack a few dishes from lunch 🙂


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yo blog lurkers

you guys are rocking the comments for 10 on Tuesday!!  I’m so excited so many people came out of lurkdom to comment!!  I’m loving all the advice on cloth diapering and put the bug in Jason’s ear about it.  I must also say it totally makes me giggle to hear my mother-in-law talk about my husband’s baby hiney!!  Yeah, if you didn’t read the comments to the post below before, I bet you’ll click on it now!  HAHA!  Seriously though, thanks for all the great ideas and advice (please keep them coming!). 

All these new comments and lurkers coming out of hiding makes me wonder who has been with us the longest here on the blog.  Does anyone remember my blogger days, or even further back, my old old old blog on .mac?  Yeah, you’d be a real old timer then!

While I’m here, check out Teagan, yet another image for the crib series…big boy sittin up in his crib, peeking over the edge…funny face and all.


I need to stop proofing images of him at night, it makes me wonna go wake him up!

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10 on Tuesday

1.  Went to visit the school this morning for Taryn, went good.  Clean, well organized, great teachers, very positive experience.  Taryn did ok.  She was shy, wanted me to hold her and hid behind me a few times, but she did ask the teacher if she could see the potty.  She was thrilled they had no only one, but two!  And each came with a step stool, something else she was worried about.  She was fine while we were there but got quite upset on the way home saying she didn’t want me to leave her there alone.  So hard.  We can do this right?  I’ll try and focus on getting her a new backpack, a new lunch box and she needs her own water bottle, of course, she wants that to be pink too.

Thank you for all the warm well wishes, your stories and your comments / emails, they mean the world to me!  I have the best blog readers!!!!

2.  Little dude, hanging out in Taryn’s room yesterday afternoon.  He gets so excited being in there, so much to scoot around and get in to.  I just love his funny little face, mohawk, drool….him.


3.  I bargained with Ty yesterday.  I got to take a few pics of him and if he cooperated, I agreed to take a photo him in his new skull sweatshirt hoodie (insert me rolling my eyes here, all while being a good sport).

His end of the bargain:


And my end of the bargain (hey – I never said I would crop out the skull!!):


4.  An out take….normally I wouldn’t process one with his eyes closed like this but holy moly look at those lashes!!!  Why oh why don’t I have lashes like that?!  Soooo unfair.  The worst part is, he hates them, tells me he wants to cut them!  He better not.  So long we even have to have his lenses curved on his glasses so they don’t hit.  Totally unfair.


5.  Thank you blog readers for all your advice on Teagan hating his carseat.  We made the big switch and now we’re wishing we would have done it much sooner.  We opted to buy Taryn a new larger seat and move Teagan into her Britax Roundabout.  He’s now upright and happy, no more screaming in the car, happily looks out his window and plays….totally different kid, it’s crazy.  Taryn got a new Graco Nautilaus and she hated it for awhile because it really ticked her off she couldn’t get out of it.  She still slides the bar up and down, which drives me crazy, but at least she can’t get out of the seat.  That was another issue we were having, her constantly taking her straps off.  But, the larger seat and the cupholders have won her over with the new one.  She’s still griping about it some, but the crying has stopped for the most part.  It’s comfy for naps too.


6.  Last night, first night in the ducky tub.  Yeah, he’s got carrots all over his face and an icky color cast on him, but you would too if you were sitting inside a big yellow duck!  Taryn was less than thrilled to pass it on, it was her favorite until she literally couldn’t sit in it anymore because she was just too big.


7.  Teagan has had nonstop diaper rash since he outgrew Swaddlers.  I’m seriously considering switching to cloth diapers.  I need to convince my cute husband though.  Our deal is that he does laundry, I do dishes, so he’s gotta be on board…I just feel so bad for Teagan’s tush.  Oh yeah, and the effect that disposables has on our environment =)  Anyone have any great cloth diapering resources that can help me build my case??

8.Playing peek-a-boo with mommy…


9.  We’re having even more family photos taken next month, can’t wait!  I’ve been trying to come up with some fun clothes for the kids to wear.

A few ideas for Teagan, I bought it too!  He’s gonna look like such a cute little man =)


Here is what I bought for Taryn, I went with the brown shoes…


I’m still working on Ty…as you can probably guess, he’s a bit tougher.  If he doesn’t actually like what he’s wearing, it’ll show.  We must come to an agreement we can both live with.  Wish us luck, we have a few weeks to figure it out.  Jase and I will go fairly simple, so we’re easy.  It sure was fun shopping for such cute stuff for the kids though!  Anyone got any great ideas or links for "cool" clothes for pre-teens???

10.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to check out a new book sample I just ordered for the business – cute stuff and I’ll share some pics!

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the most wonderful time of the year

It’s that time of year again…..this is my all time favorite!

Ty and I took off for the afternoon to hit the mall and shop for school clothes.  We totally took advantage of the tax free weekend and all the back to school sales.  I was bound and determined to make it as painless as possible because Ty is in that awkward age where friends and clothes are becoming very important.  While we don’t always agree on clothing choices, I was careful to let him choose his clothing (within reason) and purchase things he was comfortable in and he thought were ‘cool’.  I even smiled when he chose a hoodie with a skull on it.  And anyone who knows me can tell you that when it comes to stuff like skulls on clothing, that I was being a very good sport!!  ha!  Gosh it was easier in Louisiana because he wore a uniform, I wish they would institute that here.  It would make my life so much easier and avoid the "what are you going to wear tomorrow" and the "oh uh-hu, you’re not wearing that" battle at our house.  Anyway, we had a good time, until we couldn’t find pants that fit him.  I had to face reality….I’m having a really, really hard time with the fact that my baby now shops in the men’s department.  No more boys department.  How can that be?!?  I’m not coping well.  Guess I should have seen it coming, he’s almost as tall as I am.  Seems like just yesterday he was tiny in my arms, just like Teagan.  Sigh….times are a changin’.

Speaking of change, tonight was Teagan’s last night in the sink bath tub.  He’s totally outgrown it, bustin at the seems, splashing and ready to move on to the ducky tub.  I had to take a few shots of him tonight…the end of an era…



My boys….remember this?  They still cuddle after bath each night, I love this time that they share.   Cuddlebugs…


They grow and change way too fast than could possibly be good for this momma’s heart.

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forgot to post this one…

gosh I love him

Must take more photos of him this month, he’s getting ready to take off soon, crawling is just around the corner.  He already scoots all over the place and has been really close to getting those knees up.  My days of a captive subject are limited….sigh


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