10 on Tuesday: Snapshot Edition

For a long time I got caught up on always taking a correct photograph, even just of my kids, hanging around the house or whatever.  Thankfully, over time, I’ve gotten over it.  I actually take a ton of snapshots.  I shoot a ton and while a lot of them land in a file called "proof once my children are older, out of the house and I’m bored in my empty nest", I do proof some and print some, but I barely ever share them so I thought it would be fun to share a few on a 10 on Tuesday post…

1.  Little T, swinging at the park this morning.  No more baby swings, she’s all about that big kid swing.  Right after this we blew lots and lots of bubbles….it was fun.


2.  Ty, on his way out the door on the first day of school.  His bus leaves at the crack of dawn, so it was still dark.


3.  This one is for my mom….she bought this for Taryn for her birthday and wanted to see what it looks like all hung up in her room….so here ya go Gee Gee….


4.  Our Taryn’s dog Kylie.  Follows Taryn everywhere.  All.the.time.  When Taryn is outside with me or Jase, Kylie sits by the door and waits for her to come back in.  When Kylie hears her voice getting close, she starts to spin around in circles like a big 70 lb tornado dog.  This is Kylie’s signature loving head tilt…


5.  Jase installing our new storm door, and T painting the front walk while he works.  I love the new door, lets in tons of light.


6.  Just one of many reasons Little Dude loves hanging out in Taryn’s room…


7.  Jason helping Teagan learn how to sit.  Love my boys.


8.  I can do it, I can do it, by myself.  I hear this 1,008,632 times per day.  Damn that Barney.


9.  Little dude now loves sitting up his crib.  It cracks me up to walk by his room and see nothing more than his cute little mohawk and eyes peeking over the edge looking out at me!


10.  One of our prizes from winning the bump contest on the nest.  Still don’t know what we are doing about Jamaica.  Its been a little frustrating trying to figure it all out, while we’d love for the whole family to go on the trip, we just can’t justify putting ourselves in debt over it.  Figuring out who is going to go, well, that’s been a pretty constant debate.   We also haven’t had much luck in dealing with the marketing company handling the trip for their client (the resort)….she is nice as can be but replies to us without really saying anything or answering our questions even though she uses a lot of words.  Kind of politicianesque LOL!  So, for now, it’s still all up in the air.  Love, love, love the gift basket though!  I also heard from the Bump magazine last week, they needed to confirm the spelling of our names.  Good thing they called cause boy do we have some doozies!  The publication will be released this fall, can’t wait!


Thanks for stopping in!  =)

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10 on Tuesday

1.  Went to visit the school this morning for Taryn, went good.  Clean, well organized, great teachers, very positive experience.  Taryn did ok.  She was shy, wanted me to hold her and hid behind me a few times, but she did ask the teacher if she could see the potty.  She was thrilled they had no only one, but two!  And each came with a step stool, something else she was worried about.  She was fine while we were there but got quite upset on the way home saying she didn’t want me to leave her there alone.  So hard.  We can do this right?  I’ll try and focus on getting her a new backpack, a new lunch box and she needs her own water bottle, of course, she wants that to be pink too.

Thank you for all the warm well wishes, your stories and your comments / emails, they mean the world to me!  I have the best blog readers!!!!

2.  Little dude, hanging out in Taryn’s room yesterday afternoon.  He gets so excited being in there, so much to scoot around and get in to.  I just love his funny little face, mohawk, drool….him.


3.  I bargained with Ty yesterday.  I got to take a few pics of him and if he cooperated, I agreed to take a photo him in his new skull sweatshirt hoodie (insert me rolling my eyes here, all while being a good sport).

His end of the bargain:


And my end of the bargain (hey – I never said I would crop out the skull!!):


4.  An out take….normally I wouldn’t process one with his eyes closed like this but holy moly look at those lashes!!!  Why oh why don’t I have lashes like that?!  Soooo unfair.  The worst part is, he hates them, tells me he wants to cut them!  He better not.  So long we even have to have his lenses curved on his glasses so they don’t hit.  Totally unfair.


5.  Thank you blog readers for all your advice on Teagan hating his carseat.  We made the big switch and now we’re wishing we would have done it much sooner.  We opted to buy Taryn a new larger seat and move Teagan into her Britax Roundabout.  He’s now upright and happy, no more screaming in the car, happily looks out his window and plays….totally different kid, it’s crazy.  Taryn got a new Graco Nautilaus and she hated it for awhile because it really ticked her off she couldn’t get out of it.  She still slides the bar up and down, which drives me crazy, but at least she can’t get out of the seat.  That was another issue we were having, her constantly taking her straps off.  But, the larger seat and the cupholders have won her over with the new one.  She’s still griping about it some, but the crying has stopped for the most part.  It’s comfy for naps too.


6.  Last night, first night in the ducky tub.  Yeah, he’s got carrots all over his face and an icky color cast on him, but you would too if you were sitting inside a big yellow duck!  Taryn was less than thrilled to pass it on, it was her favorite until she literally couldn’t sit in it anymore because she was just too big.


7.  Teagan has had nonstop diaper rash since he outgrew Swaddlers.  I’m seriously considering switching to cloth diapers.  I need to convince my cute husband though.  Our deal is that he does laundry, I do dishes, so he’s gotta be on board…I just feel so bad for Teagan’s tush.  Oh yeah, and the effect that disposables has on our environment =)  Anyone have any great cloth diapering resources that can help me build my case??

8.Playing peek-a-boo with mommy…


9.  We’re having even more family photos taken next month, can’t wait!  I’ve been trying to come up with some fun clothes for the kids to wear.

A few ideas for Teagan, I bought it too!  He’s gonna look like such a cute little man =)


Here is what I bought for Taryn, I went with the brown shoes…


I’m still working on Ty…as you can probably guess, he’s a bit tougher.  If he doesn’t actually like what he’s wearing, it’ll show.  We must come to an agreement we can both live with.  Wish us luck, we have a few weeks to figure it out.  Jase and I will go fairly simple, so we’re easy.  It sure was fun shopping for such cute stuff for the kids though!  Anyone got any great ideas or links for "cool" clothes for pre-teens???

10.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to check out a new book sample I just ordered for the business – cute stuff and I’ll share some pics!

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still riding the wave of change

I bought her these yesterday while out shopping with Ty.  After seeing
her squeal with glee and dance around in them for a good 15 minutes,
shakin’ her booty over her new pink chucks, I decided it was the best
$15 bucks I’ve ever spent.


Tomorrow is a big day, we’re going to go visit a mother’s day out / pre-k program.  It’s been a long time coming, we’ve been nervous, apprehensive and anxious about this decision.  While you guys get to see the side of Taryn we see at home, there is also a shy and very apprehensive side of her.  She hides under the dining room table when the doorbell rings or someone new comes over.  When we are out and about you can see it actually physically pains her at times to be social.  Its been different, and difficult, to parent since Ty is on the other end of the social butterfly spectrum.  I never thought twice about Ty being so outgoing, even at a young age and am thankful that its been easy for him.  I loved that I could bring him to pre-k and he loved it, adjusted well, willing to ditch me in a heartbeat, even if at times he mixed it up a little too much and got in to trouble. 

Taryn though, I worry about her.  She’s very slow to warm.  But, she needs this.  It will be good for her.  I just keep telling myself that.  Its hard for me to leave her, because its hard for her.  So this morning I told her we are going to visit a school tomorrow.  I find if she has time to prepare herself for new things, she does much better.  Her eyes got big and she just stared at me for a second.  Thank God for Ty who piped up with a "Ohhh wow T!!  You get to go to school just like Ty!!!"…and she smiled big.  If Ty thinks its cool, it must be! 

And at nap time after I finished reading the second book, she rolled over and looked at me for a second, very quiet, and then says…."Mommy, do they have a potty at school?"  Ahhh, my worrier.  We laid there and talked all about school, art time, reading, snack, recess, new friends, nice teachers…..and when we go tomorrow, we’re definitely asking to check out the potty  😉

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Tea with T

I have to tell you that I love planning the details of parties.  I am totally a last minute person though, when I say I threw this together last minute, it’s 100% the truth.  With all of our trips and then Jason going to Corpus, I didn’t have a lot of extra time.  Alli can vouch for me…she helped me try and hunt down petit fours just hours before the party because I didn’t order them in enough time.  Procrastinator?  Yes, but I like to call it busy 😉

Anyway, T was over the moon thrilled with all the pink.  She looooooves pink.  Jase and I stayed up late Friday night decorating since her party was Saturday morning and when she woke up, she gasped outloud.  I love that.   We kept the guest list small and let T invite two friends, which was just perfect.  We planned dress up with tutu’s, fancy hats, jewelry, a couple of crafts and of course, tea and cake.  Waiting on her friends to arrive, she danced and twirled….







I chose one bag of cookies and she chose one…any guesses on which is which?  LOL!


Goodie bags for each of the girls




Ok, enough details, let’s get to the party!  The girls got to decorate their own princess crowns and magic wands.  Taryn was very into having her own bottle of glue.  Let’s just say it’s gonna take a few more days to dry.


The fabulous Ms. Lily showed up in one of T’s party dresses….I literally jumped up and down when I saw her in it.


Taryn HAD to pour the tea herself.



And y’all know how much Meredith loves cake 😉


T was very into opening gifts, it went quick.



Her absolute favorite thing of the day, her pink "cut-tar".


Even Ty dug the guitar


speaking of Ty, I thought it was awful nice of him to put on real clothes for one of the first times this summer, just for his sister.  Real clothes as in, a nice shirt and pants, instead of gym shorts and an adidas shirt with crocs.  I think T thought he needed to be wearing some pink though LOL!  He’s such a good sport.


And what do the guys doing while the girls have tea?  Well, of course, they Wii.


This capture is noisy as can be and had wonky color so you get it in black and white.  Not to mention that I had to twist around my dining room chair to catch it, but here is that silly Lily, sporting her party dress, shovel in one hand, microphone in the other, but it’s the pumpkin hat that makes the outfit….don’t ya think!


A quick storyboard (a few repeats from above) of some of the details…


A few things about Taryn at this age….

Her favorite color is pink (just in case you’re color blind as referenced in the above images :P).  She loves to go to "the cow place" aka Chick-Fil-A.  She always wants to go "in"…into the grocery store, into the drug store, into the restaurant, because she "likes people"…yet she’s very shy and hides under the dining room table when the doorbell rings.  She loves her dog more than the moon.  Gets very loud at 4:30 pm, no matter what.    Driving past the water fountains outside Target is a must, every single time we go.  Her favorite book is "The Big Green Pocketbook" and we know it by heart.  Loves mac-n-cheese, but especially when Ty makes it for her.   Truly believes she is "Super T".

Happy Birthday my sweet girl.  You are so smart and funny.  I am so lucky to spend my days with you.  I can’t believe you are 3 already.  We love you.

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Birthday overload

July is the month of birthdays in our family.  First me, then my mom and then Little T.  As it turns out, she had 3 parties, not really intentionally, but it was a lot of fun!  My mom threw her a party during our big family get together while we were in Louisiana.  It was so cool to see all the cousins together again, they’ve grown so much!  My mom and step-dad have 12 grandchildren, two live in Oregon so 10 were at the party.  Of those 10, Ty is the oldest, so you can imagine it gets a little, uhm, crazy!!  I do have some group shots of all of them together, but haven’t even opened them yet.

Prepare yourself for snapshot overload….

My mom ordered T the coolest cupcake cake – it was massive!  So big part of it fell off the side, but no one cared, it was gooooood.




Where is Taryn?  Well, since you asked, she would be under the table.  Sweet little thing was afraid when everyone started to sing, so she hid under the table until we were done…


But she returned, thankfully, without much coaxing. 


And she was good (we all know how much she loves to blow out candles).


And she took a que from Meredith and dove into her cake.  Niiiiice.


mmmmmmmm, good stuff



Time for gifts….it cracks me up how kids gather in so close for gift opening.


She dove right in




Fast forward a few weeks.  When we returned home, we had a little mini party on her actual birthday.  Candy donuts with candles on the morning of their birthday are a tradition for the kids, started by my mom.  She was off to the side in this shot because once again, she dove under the table while we sang.


We didn’t do much that day because we had just returned from our hellacious trip to Seaworld.  We played and Ty fixed her her favorite lunch, mac-n-cheese, from scratch.  And that night we did cake…


and she got to open one gift from us and dive into her box from her Grandma and Grandpa, Ty helped.


Note to self:  next time skip the gift and just buy the kid bubble wrap.  Seriously.


Because we were on vacation and just really busy, her actual birthday party with her friends in Texas got pushed off to this past weekend.  I’ll post those pics tomorrow, but here’s a little preview….It was a Tea party with T =)


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I’ve been a bad blogger…

here lately.  Not normally like me, I love blogging and relish the 10-15 minutes a day it takes.  It’s my time, just for me, and I love having it.  But, me time hasn’t been abundant.  Jase was out of town for a few days while his dad had surgery.  My father-in-law is doing good, so good, they let him go home already.  We are so thankful and pray the biopsy comes back clear.  Then as soon as Jase got home from Corpus, we had to gear up for Taryn’s 3rd birthday party the next day.  We’re in birthday party overload.  Somehow it happened that our little 3 year old ended up having 3 parties.  Not intentionally, it just kind of happened that way.  Prepare yourself for birthday party pics overload this week….we had A LOT of fun!  And then somewhere in the middle of all that, I managed to hurt my back.  It was a little sore yesterday during Taryn’s party, but today, it’s full on pain.  I think I did it while lifting Taryn…ouch!

I meant to post this last week and just didn’t get to it.  I am doing a series of images of Teagan in his crib over the first year….man what a difference a few months makes!


Stay tuned for lots of birthday pics tomorrow!

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10 on Tuesday

1.  Tyler, oh Tyler.  Yesterday while riding home from his buddy Kayleigh’s house, he misjudged (again) our driveway while going too fast on his bike.  The damage was two fold, thankfully Ty is fine as far as we know, he goes in to have his arm x-rayed later today.  It’s so hard to know what is a serious injury with this child.  He has hypochondriac tendencies.  Seriously y’all, the child once iced a mosquito bite.  I’m not makin’ that up either!  Every little thing is major.  If you ask him on a scale of 1 to 10 how much something hurts, it’s always a 9, always.  After talking with the nurse yesterday, we decided the x-ray could wait until today because he didn’t appear to be in major pain, had minimal swelling, etc.  Hopefully it’s not fractured.  I did go purchase him a sling for his arm and oh, good lord, did it feed the fire.  He was like a kid in the candy store buying that darn thing, it validated his injury and he was just darn giddy.  Everything tonight revolved around his cast, er, uhm, I mean, sling.  Not to minimize his pain or injury, but if y’all only knew what we go through with him.  Every night it’s something, usually at chore time or bed time.  Mom, look at this scratch, Mom, do you see this red mark, Mom, my neck hurts, Mom, I think one of my legs is shorter than the other.  Good grief.  I’m sure my mom is going to chime in here and tell you I was the same way as a child, including a somewhat warped version of a story about a 2 hour bath to remove a band-aid when I was his age, but that’s a story for another day, just know that Ty comes by it honestly.

My SUV on the other hand, did suffer a break, actually two. 


2.  Taryn has a new imaginary friend, Sparky the dog.  Sparky is pink and sooo much fun.  Taryn leads her around on a leash all day long.  Her little 3 year old imagination is exploding.  Reminded me of Ty’s imaginary friend named "Chris" (after my step-brother) when he was about 3.  Chris lived under my bed and was constantly bringing home new "babies" for me to take care of.  Chris was needy, and hungry, and thirsty.  Funny that when we moved, Chris and his ump-tine babies stayed behind.  I was kinda thankful, they were high maintenance. 

3.  Since we’re taking a trip down memory lane….when Ty was 3 he had several pets.  A fish he named "fish stick" and a hermit crab named "flap jack".  Funny kid, he came up with those all on his own and it still cracks me up 8 years later.  Confession, he actually had 4 or 5 gold fish cause they kept dying.  My theory is that once they heard their name they instantly had little fishy heart attacks and went belly up.  Just a theory, I have no proof.

4.  Taryn was so cute on our way to the movies the other day for our girls day out.  She was convinced that all the cars on the road were going to see Wall-E too and they were racing us there.  Then out of nowhere she tells me she wishes her "best friend kylie could go to the movies" with her too.  Kylie, is our dog.  Correction, Kylie is her dog.  Formerly Jason’s dog before we got married.  Formerly the family dog.  Now "her dog".  Mommy, my dog is hungry.  Mommy, I’m going to let my dog out.  I love my dog.  Jase messes with her all the time and claims ownership, but Little T lays down the law.  Kylie is HER dog.  The appearance of Sparky has not changed her love for Kylie one tiny little bit, they co-exist, but according to T, they don’t play together.

5.  For Ty, this has been the summer of new friends, riding his bike, playing outside, light sabers, legos and nerf.  But this will also be the summer that his mom taught him how to cook.  Back story, before school let out, one night at the dinner table, he sweetly asked me if I would write down the recipe for him so he could "give it to his wife to make for him when he gets married"….sounds sweet on the surface right?  But when I stopped to think about it, that’s not the kind of man I’m raising.  I want him to be thoughtful, intentional, honest, kind and self-sufficient.  My goal is to teach him how to cook it for her!  So, that’s what we’ve done this summer, I started to teach him how to cook.  Everything from simple stuff like scrambling eggs, making mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese to homemade meatballs, my lasagna and so much more.  And he’s good at it too.  Ok, so sugar and flour sometimes look alike and he gets a little mixed up.  He loves it and I’ve loved too.  It’s been fun and I’ll admit it’s been nice having someone else in the kitchen that isn’t limited to stirring with big spoons while perched on a step stool.  He even prepares lunch sometimes totally on his own.     T’s convinced he makes the best grilled cheese evvvvvvver.

6.  Good luck to my mom and step-dad who close on their construction loan today for their new beach house!  I’m very excited for them and cannot wait to see the end result!  I’d link her new blog but she’d physically reach through the internet and cyber smack me, so I won’t.  When we went to the beach with them earlier this month we got to go visit their lot and do a ceremonial ground breaking…


Larry has a spinal cord injury due to an on the job accident 10 years ago.  He and my mom are building a new house that will be handicap accessible and much more functional for them, unlike their present home.  Its a house with a purpose that will change their lives for the better.

7.  I cried yesterday standing in Teagan’s closet.  I had to remove some of his 0-3 month clothing because I literally couldn’t fit one single thing that actually fits him until I did.   Sad.  My baby is getting big too fast.  Correction, my last baby is getting big too fast.  I’m mourning that baby stage and it physically hurts me to know that each day that passes, I’ll never have a baby that small in my house, in my arms, again.  It’s sad but he’s also so much fun now.  He loves it when anyone quacks like a duck, kisses his belly or just even looks in his direction.  He’s becoming quickly addicted to his sister’s antics and she’s addicted to his right back.  He snuggles with intention now,  he looks up at me with those big blue eyes and lays his sweet little head on my chest, complete with a big, drooly smile, melts my heart every time.  Oh, and when he’s tired, his cheeks hang low…


8.  Thank you to those who posted advice about Teagan hating the car so much.  I’m following your suggestions and purchased a new carseat for Taryn and moving Teagan into the Britax Roundabout.  Poor kids getting a hand me down, but it made more sense to move T to a bigger chair (we bought the Graco Nautilus) and give him hers.  Crossing my fingers it works!

9.  And a product rave from me.  I bought an Itzbeen and just love it.  Perfect gift for a new mom, I bought mine at Target some time ago.  What I love about mine is that it lights up, great for night time feedings and diaper changes.  It times everything from how long baby has slept, to diaper changes, to feedings, and more, plus if you are nursing there is a toggle switch to keep track of what side you last fed on.  It was especially helpful when I was having supply problems with nursing.  I’m horrible at keeping track of how long Teagan nursed, so this really helped me.  Pretty cool.  Someone out there is thinkin.

10.  hehehe….this makes me giggle.  Aren’t 3 year olds fun?!


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it’s only girls, and not the boys

Taryn asked me yesterday if I would bring her to see Wall-E so today we are taking off, just us girls, no boys.  They have to stay home, causing us to do a little booty dance and sing "its only girls and not the boys".  I haven’t been to the movies in probably 7 or 8 months…so yeah, I’m a little excited!

Since I can’t post without a pic, check him out…love his chubby baby neck…



I may have to do "10 on {insert day here]" every day next week if I am ever going to catch up on blogging!

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10 on Tuesday

1.  I dedicated myself to going through my massive email inbox Monday night.  It was baaaaad thanks to all the vacationing we’ve been doing.  1432 messages down to 405, not bad.  So if you receive a random reply to a message from me, that’s what it’s all about 😉

2.  T’s birthday was nice.  Relaxing, quiet and nice.  We didn’t even leave the house and it was just perfect after the weekend we had.  I can tell you this, the first time we sung Happy Birthday this morning over donuts, she hid under the table in fear.  By the end of the night, she was begging us to relight the candles and sing to her over and over again.  Funny girl.  I took pics, but they are at the end of a very long list of things that need to be proofed.  I’ll catch up someday, she might be 33, but someday.

3. Random snapshot of Riley, one of our kids many cousins.  He made the trip to the beach with us and as a result got tortured with my camera just like the rest of the kiddos.  That’s the price you pay for going on vacation with us dude…


4.  Thankfully, Alli is still speaking to me after I linked her blog here.  I bet she got a ton of hits over there, bwahahaha.  If you check out her blog, you’ll see we aren’t the only ones recovering from the Shamoo trip from hell.  Poor thing lost her camera.  It’s time to learn to use that DSLR girl, this is a sign and I’m just the person to help ya!  Thanks for coming by for T’s birthday today, it was great to catch up and watch the girls play sans the evil Shamoo.

5.  This shot brings tears to my eyes.  I love it that much.  We got to see Jason’s brother, parents and grandparents in San Marcos last weekend.  Jason’s grandmother was holding Teagan and his Grandfather walked up behind her and started to play with Teagan’s hands.  He does this all the time and I just love it.  I’m so thankful to have captured it.  His grandparents are such amazing people and we are so thankful they get to be a part of our children’s lives. 


6.  Little T fending off the paparazzi at the beach…


7.  Ty has been avoiding the camera…but I managed to corner him a few times recently.  Love this one, some different processing for me and I’m not digging the crop, but it’s my boys and I love em, so here ya go…


8.  I don’t think I ever shared this on the blog, this is a display of gallery wraps my mom has in her house.  It’s at the bottom of the stairs and I just love it.  Old photos, look how little Taryn is, but I love the grouping, sorry the color is a little wonky since it’s pics of pics in a hallway, but you get the idea.  I love the way my mom displays memories.  She has photos everywhere, big and small, snapshots and portraits.  Memories everywhere, they just surround you like a big hug, wedding photos, birthdays, snapshots of anything and everything, walking through her house is like meeting an old friend around every corner, tucked in on shelves and everywhere in between.  I love that.


9.  Check back tomorrow for a post about the cute little one year old triplets I photographed at the Slidell mini sessions.  Oh, and some business news and specials I’m running!

10.  I saved the best for last.  My wonderful step-brother and his beautiful wife Dana.  I had to twist (and pull) their arms to get them to let me do this, I think I even used it being my birthday to convince them.  Pretty low, but hey, it worked.  I even had my mom hold them hostage while I ran to get a new memory card midway through because I knew they would attempt to escape with the diversion.




You two are wonderful and beautiful in so many ways, your marriage and love for one another, your love for your children.  We miss you.  8 years is way to long to not be in front of the camera together…thanks for humoring me!

Until tomorrow…

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T is 3

she’s fabulous . she’s 3 . she’s super t . lover of the color pink . and dora . plays tricks on ty . gives mommy a run for her money . she’s a daddy’s girl . but sometimes needs some extra mommy when she’s sleepy . cuddles teagan every morning . and wakes him up every day from his nap "cause he’s just so cute" . loves to check the mail . and help cook . and anything water related . except waterparks . our honeymoon baby . determined . funny . loud . cuddlebug . sings bold and loud on a moments notice . songs she makes up as she goes along . my favorites are "I’m so funny" and "daddy is so fwustrated" .  loves ice cream . and apple slices . and macaroni-n-cheese . strawberries . and anything dipped in sour cream . if I say "I can do it" she sings in her best Bartney voice "by my self" . is spirited yet very shy . hides under the furniture in fear if someone new comes to our house . loves buddy bucks and squeals with joy every time she uses one . even though we’ve done it 1,862 times . has an amazing relationship with our her dog . she’s claimed sole ownership much to Jason’s dismay . and kylie loves her the same way right back . book lover . and puzzles . and coloring . anything requiring focus . has a wonderful, big, loud laugh . and the sweetest little girl signature giggle . we pretty much love her to pieces

these are just a few snapshots, I tried to do a "birthday shoot" several times but well, my girl has PCS, so here ya go….


makin 3 look tough


this little piggie


ther is just something about this one that I love, her hair maybe, how focused she is, dunno



a little cheese for ya…


I love how she still looks so small in this one, yes I’m in denial my baby is growing up


did I mention the PCS?


she looks so determined in this one


right after this shot she kicked the crud out of my lens on accident running toward me so we called it a day 😉


Happy Birthday big girl, we love you!!

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worst vacation ever

I am so glad to be home.  Our little over night excursion to San Antonio was stressful and just plain miserable.  I don’t know what happened, but my sweet girl was just plain difficult.  Actually, the word difficult doesn’t do it justice.  I’d say possessed but you guys might think I’m a horrible mother.  But in all honesty, that’s the adjective that first pops into my mind.  Awful, just awful.  Dinner with Alli, Mike and Lily would have been nice if I could have participated, but Teagan decided to scream through dinner….which I’m sad about cause I heard Lily used tortillas as a frisby….dang it, I miss all the good stuff!!  Seaworld was miserable, waaaay too many people, even at night.   It was so bad, we decided to not return this morning, instead we were armed with a plan to hit the Riverwalk and the children’s museum.  But after an hour of Taryn’s horrid behavior, we just couldn’t face it, so we came home.  It was bad y’all.  I just kept praying in the back of my mind, please let her get sick and not let this be a "turning 3 thing".  Is my kid the only one who gets really mean right before she gets sick?!? Yes, I actually hoped my child was getting sick, see, I am a horrible mother.  Between Ty’s complaining, Teagan screaming in the car, Taryn constantly unbuckling herself from her carseat and screaming when we made her get back in, the last thing we needed was for Taryn gets a case of the trots.  Nice.  I lost track of how many times we stopped.  Too many.  Karma coming back and biting me in the butt for hoping my child was about to get sick instead of permanently ornery.  Especially when she figured out all she had to do was say she had to go potty to get out of her car seat and then giggle that she tricked us.  Not fun.  Five and a half hour drive that should have taken less than two.  This is the last Stradtner family vacation this summer, that I can promise you.  I told Jase there is no way I’ll request a vacation, a road trip, nothing.  I may not even leave the house this week at all come to think of it.

Since y’all had to read through all that miserable non-sense….I do have something cute to share with you.  I left the 5D at home and threw the Nikon D50 in my bag (with the 50 mm 1.8 lens).  Once we got to the hotel, I was sorry I left the 5D behind, our room was ultra modern and cool with amazing light.  I think the rice cereal and bananas are going straight to his cheeks 😉


ok, this one is far from correct technically, but it’s about the moment….look at my big boy sitting up!  I’m in shock, he’s only 5 months old and sits up for about 5 or 6 minutes at a time.  He does so good.  Surprising since he’s been behind on a lot of milestones since he came early.  Also makes me a little nervous since Ty did this and then walked at 9.5 months, ran by 10 months, climbed out of his crip by 11 month…he was on physical little guy and it was tough.  But, it’s fun for photos and he loves his new perspective on the world…


Ok, I’m off to try and sleep off our horrid getaway and prepare my brain for Little T’s birthday tomorrow!!

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Every single day, when we get up and out of bed, I talk to the kids about our "plan for the day".  Whether its hang at home or doctor visits or grocery shopping, whatever, we always talk about it somewhere between climbing out of bed and breakfast, we always talk about our day.  Without fail, when we ask T what she wants to do, its followed by a long thoughtful pause and then a big, bright "I KNOW, LET’S GO TO SEAWORLD!" every.single.day since our first visit to Seaworld.

Today, to help celebrate her upcoming birthday, we woke up and said "Hey, let’s go to Seaworld!"…and she is psyched.  We get to stay over night and everything.  And you know who else is gonna be there?  Miss Lily!!  So excited that Alli, Mike and Lily are going too (who by the way is going to kill me for linking her blog, but she won’t see it till we get back – HA!)

Here are a few shots of my funny, Seaworld lovin’ girl….





We’re off!

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