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12 weeks old.  Already.  How did that happen?!  It did.  Too fast.  Life has been crazy and time is flying.  My mom says the days are slow and the years are fast.  That’s so true.  My big, happy, smiling, healthy boy.  We’ve learned so much about him in the first 3 months.  He’s got the sweetest little demeanor, chill, funny, calm and happy, so much like Teagan Jude.  He has a spark in his eye, so much like his big sister.  He absolutely loves and adores Taryn.  If she walks by and doesn’t look his way, he will coo and talk or even squak like a pterodactyl to get her attention.  He sees her and he smiles with his whole body.  She calls him “Mister” and asks him daily if he “put his flirtin’ pants on today”.  He loves tummy time, rolling over, grabbing his toys, big belly laughs.  And one of the biggest changes this month, he found his thumb.  We officially have our first thumb sucker.  I love it.  I had big dreams of taking him out and about for a photo shoot, but life and work has been busy, so that plan never panned out.  So instead I planted him in his crib (that he’s never once even slept in…) and spent 10 minutes coo’ing and photographing him.  Works for me.  I love his baby skin, big, bright blue eyes, and sweet smile.  We’ll get out and about for his 6 month photos.  That ought to be prime time wildflower season, works for me!

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jack-o-lantern | leander baby photographer


if jack could talk, he’d be all “WTH?!”

and I can’t really blame him, it was slimey in there!

i had an image in my mind and this isn’t it, but it still makes me laugh.  and just for the record, these photos are several weeks old (they’ve been in my blog que for awhile) and he’s totally forgotten about me for stripping him down and sticking him in a slimey old pumpkin.  whew!  it’s a good thing babies don’t hold grudges or i’d be in big trouble.

a few more from our little fall session to celebrate him turning 3 months old….



love this one of Jack & Mike….


little chubby man, i could just eat him up.  i might just have to go get a jack fix now, i haven’t snuggled him in a few days!

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