1.  Imaging USA.  I had a blast hanging out with Erin Cobb, Marla Lamarie, Kelly Kuntz and Amy Shertzer.  And Ty got to go hang out with us for the day too, he did good and when we left he said “Mom, your friends are FUN!”  He may or may not have called Erin “sassy”  😉  Meeting them was absolutely the highlight of our trip.  I’ve “known” Erin since very early on, not too long after I picked up my first dslr actually.  So to finally meet after 5 years of online friendship was really awesome.  I also came home with a few new labs to try (I was lab shopping), a bunch of product ideas and the huge urge to get this year started off right.  And did you hear?  Imaging 2012 is in NOLA baby!

2.  Teagan and I went over to hang with Marti and her crew for a quick playdate last week. While I was there she handed me a copy of this book that was written by a friend of hers. Oh. My. Word. Changing our house and home page by page. And she has a website, you may have already heard of it, simplemom.net. Check it.  Everything from mom’s to kids to food to organics to homeschooling to improving your life with less STUFF and more LIVING.  I’m there.

3. I always always enjoy Jason Lee’s year end personal slideshow of his girls. Entertaining and heartwarming. Worth a click over.

4.  My mom got Taryn a tag reader for Christmas. Both of the kids love it and I’m thinking a second one would be a good idea for Teagan’s 3rd birthday coming up.  The first time he got a hold of it without Taryn around he sat on the floor in my mom’s living room touching the pen tip to the word “but” over and over said, laughing an evil little laugh and said “huhuhu, it said butt!”.  Boooooys!

5.  Anyone looking for a few free valentines day templates?  Try Florabella, MCP & Style Crush.  Here is quite a good list of free Valentines downloads from Tatertots & Jello.  And a cute guitar valentine idea at Zakka.  Know of any others?  I’m a template spending freeze for the entire year.  Self inflicted.  And it hurts.  I need free to get my fix.

6.  I have started to research essential oils and their uses in healing.  I have a long way to go to really understand it all and figure out the best way to put them into use for our family.  I am pretty sure this homemade lotion is going to be one of my next projects though.  I’m especially interested to see if Taryn’s skin can handle it because she is so super sensitive to everything.

7.  Does anyone know a baby or little girl 4 or younger named Taryn?  I have a ton of monogrammed stuff I’d love to hand down but we don’t know another Taryn.

8.  Our garage sale rained out last weekend so we put a bunch of stuff up on Craigslist.  Thankfully, our extra refrigerator, an old coffee table, our gas grill and Teagan’s old bed all sold in just a few days!  We only have one listing left for several big floor pillows from The Land of Nod.  You can see them here if you are interested.  We’ll still have a garage sale, maybe even this coming weekend if the weather cooperates.  We are getting rid of a ton of stuff and it feels so good!

9.  Are you a lunch box addict like me?  Check out this round up post, it’s a good one!

10.  This is absolutely brilliant.  A food magazine for kids.  I hope it lives up to expectations, because it has awesome potential!

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10 to catch up…

1.  Finally attempting to crawl out from under a rock and rejoin the land of blogging and working again.  I realized today I hadn’t posted a single thing in weeks about what has been going on with me and mine.  Our Christmas was a good one.  We succeeded in keeping things simple this year.  We enjoyed hosting Jason’s parents, grandparents and brother for Christmas.  I gave myself the gift of getting out of cooking by ordering dinner for 10 from Whole Foods.  We may have played a funny, but dirty, little trick on our family relating to the food.  We got them good!  HA!  I think it ended up being cheaper than it would have been to buy all ingredients and cook it all.  Plus that meant I got to just sit and BE with the kids and play and relax and I even took a nap on Christmas day.  It was awesome.

2.  We cut our normal Christmas budget by almost 2/3 this year and you know what, the kids surely didn’t notice.  They were happy and busy and I’m so glad we made the decision to go the simple route this year instead of overdoing it.  Well, Ty would have noticed if it hadn’t been for my mom coming through with a last minute gift she’d been waiting over a year to give him.  But it was still simple.  And simple was good.

3.  In a very, very, very last minute decision we traveled over to see my mom and stepdad the day after Christmas.  We’ve wanted to go for over a year and had to cancel the last trip due to Teagan’s health.  He was doing well leading up to the holidays but we didn’t want to commit and disappoint everyone at the last minute if things changed for Duder.  We literally decided Christmas day to go.  It was j.o.b. getting everyone ready the next day, the whole feeding our family on a special diet on the road thing, taking meds, etc. But we made it work and the kids were beyond excited.  It is 14 hours without stops and we cut the trip over to two days stopping for the night in Jennings.  Teagan had a hard time with all the industrial plants on the way over but we managed to find an area to stop for the night that he was ok in thankfully.  And we were so, so happy to see my mom and we loved their new house at the beach.  It was weird to be at the beach in the winter though!  I love that I can picture in my mind where she is now and it filled my heart to see my kids playing and running and loving and making memories in their new home.  Unfortunately, I got sick about 30 minutes before we got there.  I let it go 2 days before I couldn’t take it anymore and went to urgent care (promptly after a round of putt-putt of course).  Strep, which sent me in to a panic.  Strep is really, really bad for those with neurological issues and we’ve had several strep scares in the past fearing Teagan had been exposed.  Our hearts sank and we prayed.  Later that day he started to get sick, we immediately put him in the van and drove to urgent care, 2nd visit of the day.  They took one look at him and confirmed our fear, he too had strep.  We took the antibiotics and called his doctor immediately the next morning.  I think it took all of 2.2 minutes for them to call me back, they don’t mess around with strep.  Another round of meds for him and we were put on watch for a laundry list of symptoms “just in case”.  We caught it very early in him and that really helped, especially since the night before I caved and went in I had a hard time breathing my throat and glads were so swollen.  The only way I could breath while sleeping was to jut my chin up in the air and to the side.  My face and neck were really swollen, thankfully Teagan’s didn’t get that far.  We are hopeful it is a good thing he had strep without a myriad of problems to follow along with it.  Could it be?!  A properly functioning immune system?!  Nervously optimistic!  We stayed for a week and truly did have a great visit with my mom.  Even though it rained almost every day and even though several of us were sick, it was good to just be together.  She made the effort to have a special date with each of the kids, they played ball and had picnics on the porch, painted nails and took trips to Target.  The trip home was long long long but we made it.  I swear we all ran for different corners of the house when we got home after so much togetherness in the van.  7 hours in one day turns in to double that with all the potty breaks and I’m hungries and gas stops and and and 😉  I am so glad we went, it feels like a success.  Even though the overload hit him by the end of the week, two night of less than stellar food choices, the stupid air quality, toxins from toys and off gassing of a new house, different water and soaps and every other little thing he is sensitive to now, it caught up with him.  But, he bounced back with both speech and physically within 2 days of being home.  And for that we are thankful.  It also helps us feel confident that what we are doing, all the changes we’ve made, all the effort we’ve put in, all the expense, is worth it.  It is working.

4.  I haven’t even opened our Christmas photos, except to post over on my one.frame.a.day.  Which, by the way, I’m kind of proud that I’ve been keeping up with it.  Go me!  I am so happy I started a month early, I feel giddy and like I cheated the system to get an extra full month of real, meaningful, everyday photos of my family.

5.  Pinterest.  OMG.  Pinterest.  Visual bookmarks.  Changing my life and instilling creativity in me multiple times per day.  You can follow me here.  And I promise to follow you right back!

6.  Oh wait!  #4 isn’t totally true, I did pull this shot just because it makes me laugh.  This is my mom’s new laundry room and it made me giggle every time I walked in to it!

7.  Santa brought Ty a mustache for Christmas.  For real.  Ok, so it probably isn’t a true mustache, more like peach fuzz of the upper lip, but it is there and he’s awfully proud of it.  I don’t want to talk about it.

8.  The little kids seem to be noticing the mood swings of aforementioned mustache toting teenager.  In the last two days I’ve heard Teagan tell Ty to “drop your att-i-tude Tyyyyyyy” and “Ty, why you so ornery TY?!”  HA!  Do you think he’s heard us say those things a time or two recently?!  It’s so funny to hear it come from the fit throwing 2 year old though!  Thankfully Ty thinks it is funny too.

9.  The little kids got Plasma cars for Christmas and I can’t even tell you how much fun they have been.  I got them at a super low price via an online black friday sale and I’m so glad that I did, they LOVE them.  Taryn named hers “Sting”.

10.  There is a lot of fun stuff coming up, I just need to find the time to blog about it all!  Much more soon….

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1.  Popping in.  Quite literally.  I have about 3 minutes while my children down their snack before they come looking for me.

2.  This is a 70+ hour work week for me.  Just work.  Not counting mom duties.  Or carpool.  Or meal preparation.  Or the hours we spend giving supplements.  Or playing outside with the kids.  Or sleep, glorious, sleep.  Amazingly enough, I’m doing good.  I feel incredible, patient, calm, tons of energy. Just really, really good.  More on WHY over on the finding our new normal blog this weekend!

3.  Freezing this morning.  You know, it was around 50 degrees when we left the house.  But in Texas, that totally constitutes putting on our big coats, finding a hat and turning on the heater.  Freezing.

4.  We are still in the process of moving everyone around and my office into Teagans old room.  Must finish that tonight.  I cannot wait to get my office and computer and work stuff out of our bedroom.  Can.Not.Wait.

5.  First I get to go hang out and photograph this little guy.  I’m sure he’s just as cute as ever.  Will post proof later tonight 😉

6.  Speaking of cute, I get to catch up with this little guy tomorrow too.  Can’t wait!

7.  I have Sunday off from shooting but will likely pull an all day proofing marathon in my jammies.  Maybe it’s a good thing no one wanted to book that day with the time change, I can try to catch up!

8.  Ty got 5 A’s and 2 B’s on his report card.  Proud.  Very proud of him.  Taryn did really awesome on hers too!

9.  10 is not gonna happen, the snacks are gone and they are fighting over the swing….off to read a story, start dinner and then leave for my shoot….

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1.   My sweet husband turns 33 today.  Happy Birthday Jase!

2.  He got P90X for his birthday and I have a feeling we’re about to get our butts kicked.  Ty, Jason and I have all lost weight with all the changes at our house (me 29 lbs, Jase 25ish and Ty 30ish) and we want to run with it.

3.  The little kids are actually gaining weight.  I swear I did a happy dance right there in our pediatricians office.  Duder is still in the same clothes he was in last fall and has been between 26 and 28 lbs for well over a year.  We are thankful he didn’t loose much while being sick but for he and Taryn to actually gain weight this month was huge, happy news at our house!  And they look healthy.  The dark circles under their eyes are disappearing, their skin and coloring looks better, they just look so healthy and I love that!

4.  I picked up my camera to take a photo of the kids for the first time in awhile tonight.  It has been too long, I must remedy that.

5.  This weekend will be a great opportunity – we’ve dubbed it “Grandparent-Palooza”.  My mom is coming in to town and we will also see Jason’s parents and grandparents!  So excited!

6.  We’ve decided to move Teagan and Taryn into the same bedroom.  We are taking it nice and slow, Teagan has been sleeping in her room all week at night and at naps and they are doing great with the transition so far.

7.  This blog post was just interrupted with a very loud THUD.  I stopped to listen because all 3 kids are sleeping and Jase is in the other room surfing the web.  I yelled out and asked Jase what that noise was….no answer….so I yelled out again, “hey, are you ok?

8.  Someone fell asleep at his desk and his forehead did a faceplant into his keyboard.  Awesome.  So awesome.  I can’t stop laughing.  He’s fine.  I did get up and check.  While laughing.  I totally can’t stop laughing.

9.  33 is gonna be a great year, I can feel it.

10.  Seriously, I can’t stop laughing.

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10 | austin photographer

1.  My kids are in an ‘outside’ mode all.the.time.  It is so much easier this year now that Teagan is a toddler to be outside all the time.  Mother’s Day was spent digging in the mud, planting in our flower bed, getting dirty and just hanging outside.  Teagan can dig a mean hole.  And by dig I mean throw the shovel around in the mulch and make a huge mess.  HA!  But he loves it.  This photo of he and Jase together isn’t in focus but it totally cracks me up!  And Taryn took the photo of Ty on the tricycle doing a Taryn impression, funny stuff.

2.  I swear we can give the kids a bucket of water, a couple of sponges and scrub brushes and some random item (bird bath, bikes, a wagon) to clean and they are entertained for at least an hour.  Even Teagan.  They love it.  Maybe it’s the bubbles?!  I don’t know but it’s my new go-to trick to keep them busy when my brain is exhausted.

3.  T’s class did the CUTEST bluebonnet art project at school – it came home from being on display this afternoon.  I’m going to blog about it tomorrow, so cute!

4.  After 2 weeks of dance, Taryn tells me tonight she doesn’t want to go to ballet anymore.  What is that about?!  We’re going.  Maybe she’ll snap out of it.

5.  At the playground this afternoon Teagan climbed all the way to the top of the play scape and went down the big, long, twisty slide.  When he got to the bottom I had to look at him and laugh.  He looked a little pale and his eyes were bugging out of his head.  I said “you alright bud?”….”uhhhyeah”.  All one word.  HA!

6.  On our way to pick up Taryn from school today I overhead Teagan talking to his blankie in the backseat…..”Blankie, youa good blankie….I love you….you messy blankie….mwah…mwah…mwah”.  I don’t think love begins to describe it.  Funny kid.  And speaking of blankie, I heard a banging noise in the house this morning.  I went to investigate and found this.  Teagan with all 3 of his blankies, chillin in the kitchin kicking cabinets.

7.  The sleep apnea is still kicking his butt.  It shouldn’t be.  It should have gone away.  We have a follow up appointment next week to figure out what is going on with them.  I swear the kids a big puzzle and the pieces just don’t all fit together.  All I know is that at his age, he shouldn’t be non-functional by 9:30-10 am after a full night sleep and a long nap every single afternoon.  Not just tired, exhausted.  Poor little dude.

8.  My step dad is having another surgery this week.  He and my mom are already at the hospital doing all the pre-op stuff this week and the surgery to remove some of the pressure from his spinal cord is on Friday.  Any thoughts and prayers for them during this time would be much appreciated!

9.  weather.com hates me.  I’d swear by it.  I’m watching the weather closely this week as I had 6 sessions scheduled total.  I know the minute I reschedule any one of them, the sky will turn blue and the chance of rain will go from 60 to 0% in a hot minute.

10.  I’ve been sitting here for 11 hours, naptime ran until right before Ty and Jase got home so I’ve had a nice long work marathon today.  I think Jase could see the stress and mile long to do list in my eyes when he got home because took the kids to half-price books and then to dinner to give me some quiet time to work.  I got a lot done but my eyes are starting to cross.  Time for bed!

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