I had SO much fun with this family this morning.  I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with a lot of new siblings and I cant easily say this big sister is *beyond* thrilled her new baby sister has arrived.  She was full of hugs and kisses and sweet compliments including “I love you and your neck is pretty!”  HA!  Yes, she’s a bit enamored.  The feeling is mutual as every time this sweet baby heard her big sisters voice, she turned her head to follow it.  I teared up a bit watching them they were so sweet together. Even in the midst of having just moved and having a new baby and chasing a 2.5 year old and running on no sleep, this family was so calm and collected this morning.  Color me impressed!  I personally loved having a half unpacked house to work in as not much had found where it belonged yet and I got to move things around and use items that would have normally been put away already.  It was fun to be creative and work with an almost blank canvas.  So fun!

S Family, thank you for having me this morning, I had a blast hanging out with you guys and I can’t wait to show you more!