I always love catching up with this sweet baby girl (her very appropriate nickname).  Loved this session….

This is as close as we got to our “pouty lip” series…..

Please don’t send me hate mail and tell me it is illegal to pick a bluebonnet.  It really isn’t. Just a Texas myth.  It’s not nice, sure, but if you’ve ever taken a photo in the bluebonnets, then you’ve sat on one and probably killed it.  Personally, I’d rather be discovered by a sweet baby girl than sat on.  Just sayin’….

And one of my very, most favorite, parts of photographing babies…..the sleepy ending when you know it’s time to wrap things up…..

I think a lot of photographers put their cameras away once the kiddos get tired.   Truly a shame if you ask me, I always wait in anticipation to see what comes my way in these last few moments….


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