Steamboat Geyser in Norris Basin is the tallest geyser in the world. It’s hard to catch as it is extremely unpredictable. Years ago, before we started traveling, Jude learned about it and has always dreamed of seeing it erupt. We knew the odds were very slim as we only planned to be in Norris for a few hours one day during this trip. We missed it erupting by just a few hours today but the cool thing is that Steamboat continues to erupt for around 24 hours on a mini scale. We couldn’t even be sad to have missed the major eruption because we know how lucky we are to have seen a small part of it. Can you believe these photos are of the aftermath only? It ran the whole time we were in the area! The coolest part is that a park ranger told us the major eruption hit 430 feet! It’s usually 300 feet and it hit a record! 430 feet is just incredible. That’s around 4x the height of Old Faithful! The rainbows appearing in and around it from different viewpoints during our hike were so beautiful.