For my crew Hollywood Studios was all about Star Wars.  Jude and Jonah did Jedi Training and it was so cool.  I will never forget Jonah’s face leading the parade and carrying the banner for all the trainees.  Pure joy!

Y’all. He was SO in to this. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. He was very serious about the force and when the door opened, it was the best. 😍 I’m so glad we jumped on this experience, it was a highlight watching him do Jedi Training!

We also took advantage of a lot of meet and greets!

When we walked out of this meet and greet I told Jonah “You got to hug Chewbacca!” He said “MOM! Chewbacca hugged ME!” 😂 Total fan kid moment 😍

The face of a 12 year old girl meeting her absolute favorite Star Wars character.

BB-8 was SO cool. It talks and moves. It even told us “Bye!” when we left!