I admit that I haven’t taken many pics of Ty playing soccer this year, and I feel bad about it.  I don’t have a good sports lens and the 100 mm macro just doesn’t cut it.  I sure am missing that 70-300 mm I sold to Jaidean, I used to use it a lot when Ty played baseball.  I can’t get close enough for any good action shots without a good zoom and the fields this year for his age group are really big, so I’ve struggled.  Now that the season is almost over I’m wishing I would have rented a lens.  He played really good in the last game of the regular season yesterday, I was so proud of him.  And the good news is, they won, and will move on to the championship game!  Pretty cool huh?  Maybe I should go ahead and rent a lens….any good ideas on how to convince Jason this is a great idea?  😉