(((sorry I’m late posting – the internet was down at our hotel)))

Today was so much better.  Jason had to work today but the kids and I slept in and then had breakfast down at the hotel restaurant.  Not exactly a kid friendly place, but we did pretty good, Taryn didn’t scream through the meal thankfully.  I must say though that she did clean the buffet out of strawberries.  And every time one happened to hit the floor, our waiter was right there to pick it up πŸ˜‰

I decided to put the cameras away this morning.  I put them both in the safe and then took the kids swimming.  I needed some space from being so upset that my 5D is broken and to just go have some fun without it.  And the kids and I had great fun down at the pool.  We splashed and played for hours until we were pruned and pickled.  Then we ordered room service for lunch and took a nice long nap while it stormed outside.  It was so cozy.  Now THAT is what vacations are about – relaxing!!!

I did get a few pics this afternoon though.  Taryn enjoying the view from our 4th floor balcony (don’t worry, she wasn’t out there alone!)…


We got a little bored because of the rain.  Does it show?  LOL


Well, I think we now know where she gets it!


Rain, rain, go away…


The fam on the way to dinner at Bubba Gumps.  Haven’t been to one since Hawaii.  Yummy.


Photo taken against my will.  Ty made me do it.  Photo bully.


A city in mourning.  9 fallen firefighters the day we arrived here.  So sad.  Husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, friends, all of them belonged to someone.  Think about how brave you have to be to run into a burning building, risking your life for others.  And the ultimate sacrifice their loved ones are facing.  So, so sad.


A cool house we saw while driving around in the rain before heading back to the hotel after dinner.  Taryn yelled out "BIG BALL, I SAW BIG BIG BALL".  Jason took this one in the rain.


Photo revenge.


I’m posting ole goofy face because we’re at war.  Trust me, he deserves it (and is lucky I’m not posting about the giraffe hickey).  He decided to sit on Ty’s legs when he was laying in bed to be funny tonight.  So Ty kicked him.  Of course Jason got defensive and so starts a battle.  Jeesh, it’s like living with a couple of little girls "he did it"  "no he did it" !  Somehow I got sucked into it.  But let me just say that he started it!!  I believe it was with a piece of ice thrown in my direction, which I retaliated with water, I soaked Jase, he soaked me, at least 3 20oz bottles, maybe more.  I’m not exactly sure when the donuts started to fly, but let me tell you, the one I bounced off his bald head got some distance!  Bwahaha.  Of course Ty didn’t dare get out of bed and in the middle of it, but he giggled until his belly hurt.  We were both laughing hysterically.  Totally soaked and so was the room.  Might have to avoid housekeeping until the carpet dries.

Day 4 – It’s my turn to pick what we do.  Jason’s done with work for the week so now we can all go have some fun together.  My pick, a plantation tour and I am dying to see the Atlantic ocean for the first time!