We made not one, but two ER trips this weekend.  First, Teagan tripped over Ty’s feet in a parking lot and went flying in to the side of the van.  It made him twist his neck back pretty hard and he had a welp.  What sent us darting off to the ER though was that he threw up twice afterwards.  So off we went.  They checked him over and the ER doctor recommended we not do a CT scan with everything else going on with Teagan, adding radiation exposure to his list just wasn’t wise.  We were sent home on concussion watch for 24 hours and he’s doing great head injury wise.

Later that night Teagan was throwing a normal old 2 year old fit about brushing his teeth and doing it “his way” and not wanting to go to bed.  He poked Jason in the eye and it hurt pretty bad.  Over the course of the night it got a little more tender and sore.  The next morning we called our eye doctor (on a Sunday, sorry Dr. W!) and he suggested some drops we already had and to come see him first thing Monday.  Unfortunately, it did get worse, a lot worse.  By the time I got home from Whole Foods Sunday evening it was very clear he needed to go to the ER.  I called to be sure the one closest to us had the equipment for eye injuries and off we went, again, ER bound.  I am glad we went because his eye is scratched on the iris, very swollen, very sore and he needed both an antibiotic and some drops for the pain.  He’s very lucky it wasn’t his pupil.  Poor guys looks rough.  I won’t mention (in detail) the all out drama that is included in giving my husband eye drops….drama I tell ya.  He makes me do it for him, gets all ready and just as I’m about to do it, he yells “NO, I’m not ready yet”…and then when we finally get a drop in (one drop out of five) he moans and groans….oh the drama.  Thankfully, it will only take a couple of days to heal, the eye heals pretty fast!  It already looks better today.

Annnnyway, I woke up this morning to Teagan yelling “Daddy!  Daddy!  What dat?!” and pointing to the black eye patch.  I opened my eyes and Taryn’s face was right up next to mine, filled with joy and glee and she gushed “Mommy!  Daddy is dressed up like a PIRATE!!”