I think he rocked it yesterday.  What do you guys think? 

the sign on the old soda shop, an institution in slidell, but katrina destroyed it.  the building and this sign are about all that’s left…so sad


katrina grafiti


ty spotted a 20 foot old fish statue in bayou liberty.  it was huge, i have no idea what it’s for, but thought the texture looked pretty cool on this one.


I think this is my favorite from the day, Old Town Slidell.


I spotted this old car when we were leaving the neighborhood.  The owners happened to be outside so we stopped and asked if we could photograph it.  I think they thought we were nuts.




He shot these in AV with the D50, 50 mm 1.8 lens, kept his ISO at 200 for most of the day.  All of these are in camera crops except for the last one.  I told him to crop in camera so I can see his vision.  A few
times he snuck into manual and told me about it afterwards.  He’s an
ambitious kid.  We do go over the proofing process together, I want him
to learn that too.  We reviewed aperature, dove into ISO.  I used Bryan Peterson’s worker bee analogy and it worked like a charm, he got it right away.  I’m amazed at what he soaks up, he wants to learn it, he listens intently and then actually DOES it.  Any mother of a 10 year old will tell you this is nothing short of a miracle πŸ˜‰  I love that he loves something I love so much.