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Mar 21, 2008
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Forget brave and crazy.  I’m insane.  I lost count of how many people said "Wow, you have your hands full!".  Lots, and even more said it with their eyes.  Thank God for Ty, he’s such a huge help.  I gave him a great big thank you and paid him in Legos.  He’s  such a good kid.

So, so funny.   


This is what I found when I got Teagan out of the car.  Taryn decorated him.  Or she thinks he’s worth a whole $2.97, I’m not sure which one LOL!  She got the sticker off her new Dora ball.  T, I’ve got some news for ya sister friend…he’s gonna cost us a whole lot more than that!!!!

  • ROFL! that is so hysterical! and his expression is perfect here with the sticker. when my twins were born my girls were 1 and 2 years old. we got so many comments that i definitely lost my mind. my favortie one was “are they all yours?!” i’d usually just stare at the person who said that. glad you survived your shopping trip.

  • Lol…that is so cute! Love his expression:)

    Shopping with all 3 is interesting isn’t it? Our 11 year old is pretty helpful with our toddler son and our new baby girl. She and our sit-n-stand stroller make trips to the store possible! Oh, and those neat shopping carts with a car/truck on them…our little guy stays entertained “driving” around the grocery store. I panicked my first time with just the younger ones, but it’s getting better:)

  • Wow, Lyndsay, you are a CHAMP!!! I haven’t braved the store yet. I wish I had a Ty.

    Love the picture – priceless!

  • I LOVE the expression on Teagan’s face! I wonder how many times she stuck it on him til she found a spot she liked! Get used to it Teagan, I see you being at Taryn’s mercy for a loooooooooooooong time!!

  • Oh, that is TOO funny!