After trying really hard to live and sleep without a pregnancy pillow this time around, my sweet husband took mercy on me around my birthday and bought me a snoogle.  I tried hard, $80 for a bunch of cotton seems ridiculous.  Until you really figure you are paying $80 for sleep.  Precious sleep, totally worth every penny.  Especially when it is a gift I don’t have to feel guilty spending money on.  I just get to enjoy it.  Or I try….that $80 piece of cotton proves to need defending.  Every time I turn around, this little one is attempting to take it over.  Taryn loves to make it in to a nest, Teagan loves to snuggle up in it, Jase has declared it his when I’m done with it.  They are all crazy, it’s MINE! Look at this face….he knows he is a stinker!