One of the things I love about my new iphone is having a camera around that is super easy and accessible.  It doesn’t take the greatest of pics but it feels good to have some easy snapshots.  Teagan….has been….uhmmmm….busy.  Yeah, that’s the word….busy.

(taco night; sacked out after the water park playdate; chair jumpin; chillaxin and stuck in the bumbo; helping mom with the papertowels; door art; terrorizing taryn by turning off the tv; sorting magazines; peekaboo)

these two deserve to be a little bigger.  the first shot of yuck and muck cracks me up, silly kids.  the second shot…..i ran to the store this evening and when i turned the corner onto our street i saw this.  my eyes immediately welled up with tears and i was just so overwhelmed with how much i love my little family.  they so adorable walking home from the mailbox….ty was there too but when he saw me stick my phone up to the window he took off running towards the house, stinker.  i love them all and feel so blessed that they are mine.  without my new toy, this image would only be in my mind dependant upon my memory.