thought I’d stop all my whining and post a few pics ๐Ÿ™‚

We now have two rooms that are done, the laundry room (and who wants to see pics of that!?) and Taryn’s room.  She has baseboards, she has crown molding, even window sills, yup, she’s livin large!  Ok, so she still needs knobs on her closet doors, just one little detail but I’m just so happy to have closet doors at all!  It seems like ages ago that Taryn, Jason and I were living in this room when we first got back into the house (the master was filled to the gills with building supplies for a long time).  The only place the playpen (which served as Taryn’s bed for about 7 months) would fit was the closet…here it was a year and a half ago at Christmas…love the concrete floors…


We squeezed in just under the 2 year anniversary of Katrina too!  Just about ready to show, some of her toys are in the den until it’s time to start showing the house, why make her suffer longer than necessary?  I took down all the stuff off her walls, pics, letters for her name, etc. to touch up the paint and I’m just not sure if we should put it back up or not.  That is one big blank wall….


I should probably take down a few more of the personal pics and the canvas, but maybe as we get closing to finishing the house.


Ty’s room needs one wall painted and some stuff hung up and then his will be done too.  Jase is working on baseboards in our room today so it will at least be livable (everything is piled up in the middle of the room at the moment).  We have a new bedroom set in the garage from Crate & Barrel that I’m dying to get all set up!  So, more pics coming soon!