Taryn has had a loose tooth for a few weeks and she was beyond excited about it.  It seems like she has waited fooooooorever for her first loose tooth!  Sometimes my sweet, apprehensive, slow to warm, fearful of the unknown girl needs a little….push.  So the day before yesterday, knowing how utterly competitive she is, I started to egg her on saying I thought Jonah would come out before her tooth would.  Never one to be beat, she went right to work wiggling that little tooth.  Forget about nursing it, game on!  Worked like a charm too.  We were sitting on my bed last night and she was wiggling it when her daddy told her to just flick her finger toward it flick it out.  He was kidding.  But she did it and out it went.  Right on to her tongue so Jase starts yelling “Don’t swallow!!!”.  And that’s when she freaked her freak, it scared her.  And she wasn’t ready.  She snapped out of it once she realized the tooth wasn’t bugging her anymore and that I had a surprise for her tucked away in my dresser drawer.  My mom had sent a little tooth treasure box years ago for me to hold on to for this day.  Now she’s very excited about it, smiles everywhere she goes and tells everyone that SHE WON!  I am totally in love with her toothless little grin.