Jan 18, 2008
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In an effort to try and locate the sweet spots of light in our new house I sat T down before lunch for a few shots.  She wasn’t that interested though…

"she’s talking to me, but I’m not gonna look at her or that black box of torture"
"it doesn’t matter if she dances…I’m not lookin"
"it doesn’t matter if she sings, this is reaaaaallllly boring"


"talking about barney won’t work today mom…I’m onto your tricks…I’m not lookin"
"hhhmmmm, did she say candy?!?"
"I really do love candy"
"Look here Mommy, it’s time to pay up!"

…and she’s done.  LOL!
Little stinker.  Anyone know of a cure for PCS (Photographer’s Child Syndrome)?  Ahhh, I can’t complain too much I suppose, I’ll have a captive model before long!

  • Oh my gosh! That is too good! She really hates that thing doesn’t she. Those are great shots to remember though 🙂

  • Okay, so you’ve made me feel so much better about the PCS we have going on around here too. And great narrative – sounds pretty accurate to me. 🙂 Such a cute little subject though. Things started to change when Emma turned four. She’s much more cooperative these days, but it frustrated me to no end before that. Now I get to re-live it with my 18 month old. Taryn might be a little more willing once the baby comes though because she’ll suddenly decide that the black box of torture wasn’t so bad when she sees it being pointed at another. Happened here… 😉

    Hope you’re feeling well! Take care!

  • roianne

    That was too funny! I definitely know the feeling! When my son was 2, I pulled my camera out one day and he went screaming and crying down the hallway! He’s 3 now, and he’s definitely onto my tricks! They’re too smart! Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  • My gosh! I didn’t know you hang out at 2peas!! I love yourwork, I saw your typepad address and I’m like I’m familiar with the name, the checked it out and sure enough!!! I love your work, Lyndsay!!! I’m bookmarking you! =)

  • Heather

    LOL … she is too funny! You are a great story teller.

  • Rae Clevett

    I don’t know which was more fun – the photos or your journaling LOL! This really made me laugh today! Awesome expressions you captured with these photos!

  • that is too cute..i love your captions on those pictures..she’s adorable..great shots. even though she wouldn’t look at you they’re so cute.