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You Wanna Make a Bet? Is Our RV Overweight?! | Full time Travel RV Family

This marks the second time that we have gone through the process of weighing our RV. As we pull towards the Cat Scale, Lyndsay looks over and says, “Hey, you wanna make a bet?” Follow along as we go through the process of weighing to see if our our RV is overweight….and who wins the bet!

The website we used in the video to determine the correct weight numbers is Towing Planner.

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Celebrating our 100th Video On YouTube | Full time RV Travel Family

Follow along as we hit a big milestone – our 100th videoversary!

For this 100th video on YouTube we are excited to interview the kids and we each share our favorite videos with you. We’d love to hear what your favorite video was as well, please share down in the comments! Thanks for joining us on this journey, it just means so much to us!

ps – This is a real life day, no fancy backgrounds, no one brushed their hair, Z has food all over his face, you get the real deal today lol!

Our faves:

Crater Lake


Fishing at Yosemite


Balloon Fiesta Toddler Style

Lassen National Park

2018 Highlight Video

One Second Everyday 2018

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