No time for a picture post today….are you ready for this…stop the presses…

i cleaned my house


I’ve been working so much that my house has paid the price. Ty and I got to work today, we took down all the Christmas decorations, packed them all up, dusted everything, vaccumed, organized, washed and scrubbed….all before lunch. Taryn was so good and “helped” too! She’s really good at rearranging toys. Ty was such a huge help that I told him his best friend could come over for lunch and I’d order them pizza. Lord knows I wasn’t about to mess up the kitchen by fixing lunch after we put in so much effort to get it clean!!

I have spent the rest of my energy and evening trying to convince my cute husband that I need a new camera. I think he may actually go for it!!! Waaaahoooo! He’s across the room researching my top choices as I type. This is what we jokingly call the “Jason seal of approval” at our house. It applies to anything electronic or that can be plugged in in any way shape or form, he must research it, at length, read about, get reviews and then research it one more time 😉
I tease him but I secretly love it…..shhhhh…..don’t tell.

Dang, maybe there’s more to this coming home to a clean house stuff than I thought, he’s all for a new camera!!!