Jan 19, 2007
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I managed to get little miss thing in front of the camera this morning. I about died when I aimed my lens at her and out comes…….”CHEESE“. I almost fell over, seriously.

Oh my God.


It surely wasn’t me. And anyone remotely close to me knows saying cheese is a peeve of mine. Hearing my daughter say it was a nightmare, a photographer’s worst nightmare. Ok, so that might be a little dramatic, but it’s bad. For me, it’s really, really bad.

I’m hoping that she saw it on tv or something, and that no one in my family is messing with me, because if someone is, you’re in big trouble! And Mom’s have a way of finding these things out.





  • LOL! My little guy did the SAME thing around 18 months…like one of his first words! WHat the heck! our poor kids =) These pics look AWESOME, btw! You lovin’ the 5D?

  • OKay, but that’s the cutes “cheese” pic ever. My little dude does the same thing. I think my big girls taught him. I love the last pic here. So cute!

  • Mom’s sure do .. these photos are too cute .. I just love them ..
    I love the #3 .. just a cutie pie ..
    Love the colors in this one Lindsay .. BTW – it wasn’t me who taught her to say Cheese.. This word is so anying to me too ..I screech when I here it!! LOL!!
    Great photos though ..