Took round 1 of birthday pics last weekend….I got a few but nothing invite worthy.  Round 2 this weekend.  Can’t wait.  Valentines Day, 2009, the day we celebrate our little man….can’t believe it’s here already.

I’m still here….I’m just still really suffering from double ear infections.  They just aren’t getting any better, I hurt and I can’t hear much, the “huh’s and what’s” are driving my family nutso.  I’ve also been working like a mad woman to finish all of my 2009 marketing stuff before my little work break is over and I start up sessions again next weekend.  I can’t wait to unveil it all to my clients, everything is going to be so EASY…love that!  My motto for 2009 is SIMPLIFY.  My life, my home, my business, just, simplify.

Have a great Thursday!