My baby boy rolled over.  For the first time!  And not only that, but I just so happened to be taking his picture the VERY FIRST TIME HE DID IT!  Y’all…..that never happens!  Even as much as I shove my camera in my kids faces, I’ve never caught a first as it was happening.  It took me 4 kids and tons of photo ops but it finally happened.  My funny, happy baby, rolling over at 9 weeks old.  I think it’s mostly gravity and his big old nugget, but hey, whatever works little man.  You rock that roll!  And boy does he.  Forget about tummy time, as soon as I plop him down he rolls right over and smiles up at me.  Stinker!  Of course Taryn, Jude and I were cheering him on during every second.  By the time he was on his back we were all jumping up and down and clapping!  So fun!

For all the complaining I did in my last post, here is a highlight and result of me getting to be home and spend so much time with my kids.  I get to see Jonah’s firsts and I’m so very thankful for that.