I’ve been posting some iphone photos of food we eat on my facebook and a few people asked for recipes.  A lot of what we eat I just throw together, so I thought I would come share a bit about what we eat every now and then.  We are gluten, dairy (most of us – a few of us consume raw dairy only) and soy free.  We eat organic food, avoid GMO’s and juice fresh foods regularly.  We try to eat a wide variety of nutrient dense foods daily.  Last night, Jase was off at a political rally and since I can’t handle touching raw meat while pregnant, Ty made us grass fed, organic beef meatballs with marinara and I made a big salad.  At the last minute I decided we needed another side and it needed to be something quick.  Apples won!

Gooey Walnut Apple Side Dish

4 Red Apples, cored and sliced
Several dashes of cinnamon (great detoxifier)
Dash of nutmeg
Handful of walnuts (pecans would work well too)
Teaspoon or two of organic Maple Syrup (low glycemic index – you can also use honey)
Spoonful of grass fed organic ghee (if you are not dairy free, raw butter or coconut oil also works)

Saute over medium heat in a pan until warm and gooey.  Enjoy!