I’m sitting here stalking UPS.  Teagan’s birth announcements are due to arrive on my doorstep any second.  Given that I designed the announcements two months before Teagan arrived, you’d think it would have been easy, but no such luck.  Problems with printing delayed them, I couldn’t decide what pics to use and the perfectionist in me started over from scratch several times.  I finally decided to just throw in the towel and purchase a template.  I got it all done and now all I need is UPS to show up….tapping fingers.

Ty is giving us fits.  I wonder how I’ll make it through the teenage years, he’s driving me mad.  Hormones kicking in I suppose.  Forty-five minute battle over homework yesterday.  He was convinced that we bought him a faulty dictionary that absolutely, positively, without a doubt, did not contain the word "caught".  We’re such horrible parents…how could we be so irresponsible?!

Ty tells me last night he’s "getting popular with the ladies".  Nooooooooooooooo.  Oh good Lord, I’m not ready.  He then proceeds to tell me how he knows this.  Follow along close now…."Because Michael told Debbie that he doesn’t like her but then we told Michael that he shouldn’t tell Debbie he doesn’t like her because that means he does like her.  So then Debbie tells Michael that she doesn’t like him but everyone knows that Debbie does like Michael so Debbie just said she didn’t like Michael to cover up the fact that she does, really like Michael.  Know how I know Mom?  Cause if a girl says she doesn’t like you but still stands by you anyway, then she likes you.  Even is she says she doesn’t."  Oh good grief.  Someone help me. 

We recently had to move Taryn’s carseat around in my SUV because she was messing with Teagan too much.  Poor Ty though, because the move resulted in him being squished and stuck between the two little ones.  And when T gets bored, she messes with Ty…and vice versa.  After a good 20 minutes of bickering in the car last weekend, Taryn looks over at Ty and says "Tyler, I don’t want to listen to your smart mouth anymore."  LOL!  No idea where she heard that!

We might be crazy, but we decided to move the kids rooms all around.  Ty got the big room when we moved in because Jase convinced him he should get to choose since he’s the oldest.  Only his furniture never fit well in that room, the door hits the furniture and quite honestly, Ty doesn’t use his room all that much.  He’s gone all day and is either outside after school or reading/playing in the living room.  Taryn is busting at the seems in her room and uses it all day, every day.  And she’s ready for a twin bed, which we just bought her last weekend.  Her new bedding is getting ordered tomorrow!!  So excited!  So, we left the decision up to Ty, I didn’t want to make him give up his room, but he decided he wants to move into Teagan’s room, which is a much better fit with all his stuff.  So, musical rooms it is.  It’ll work best for everyone long term, even though it kills me to redo Teagan’s nursery.  It’s gonna be crazy, painting and moving everyone all around, but, I’m excited to get rid of the blah builder beige in two more rooms!  We went and bought paint last night…woohoo!

I can’t wait to do a photo wall in Taryn’s new big girl room.  I’ve got it all planned out in my mind and I can’t wait to execute it.  Ty and I  are working up some photo ideas for his room too.

We bought a new couch this weekend too.  A cheap one from IKEA.  We give up on nice stuff from La-Z-Boy.  Our big sectional just doesn’t fit right in the new house.  So the beast is headed to a consignment store and our new smaller couch is here waiting to be used and abused.  We got smart and bought one that is slipcovered.  Easily washed or replaced.  Perfect for when the kids ickify it.  Photos of all house changes coming soon as we get it all put together.

Teagan is 8 weeks old and still hasn’t thrown a smile our way.  After watching him smile AND giggle in his sleep, I’ve come to the realization he just doesn’t think we’re funny.  Little stinker.

Ok, I typed all of this out doing the one handed nurse and surf and Mr. UPS is still not here.  Humph.  I’m so impatient!!

And just cause I can’t post without a pic…one from last month I never shared…I love the soft effect accomplished by tweeking Kubota’s doll face action.  Can you believe he’s 2 months old already!?!