As a mother of 2, soon to be 3, I have random thoughts constantly running through my mind.  Silent multi-tasking.  A check list of sorts, who needs what and when, who is going, who is coming and where they are, what will they eat next, oh the list goes on and on in my mind.  Maybe that’s why I am always telling Ty "I can’t hear myself think".  LOL.

~ Christmas is only a few weeks away and I haven’t done a thing.  Ok, that’s not true, I have a few decorations up, a wreath, a garland, but we are far from festive.  That must change this weekend.  We’ll hit the Christmas parade, travel out to a tree farm, hunt for the perfect one, hoist it onto our SUV and make it ours.  Must do some online shopping so it can get here in time, in an attempt to avoid the holiday rush and crazy stores.

~ I really need to start looking for a Mother’s Day Out program for T.  I’m worried about her.  It’s painful for her to make friends, you can see it on her face, she is so slow to warm.  McGee & Meredith came to play yesterday and Taryn was not very nice to Ms. Meredith…..sigh.  Sorry, sweet Meredith!  She needs some social interaction and a routine with other children.  One, two days a week would be good, especially with the baby coming, it will be good for her to have something of her own.  It’s so hard to force myself to do it though, but it’s time, past time.

~ Taryn is teething something awful, 2 back molars in a week.  The whining is taking a toll.  Poor thing, I know she hurts.  She wakes up and say "mommy, owie, I need medicipine (medicine)".  It looks like it hurts.

~ I told Taryn it was naptime today and she comes running and says "COOL BEANS!"  LOL!  Where did she learn that?!?

~ Our house is coming along nicely.  Things are getting hung on the walls and boxes are getting unpacked.  I’m hoping after a holiday filled with memories it will feel more like home.  I can’t wait to host Christmas here.

~ Jason is painting the nursery tonight!  Can’t wait!  I love the colors we chose and am so excited about seeing it all put together!  We decided to go modern =)

~ Pregnancy headaches are kicking my butt.  I thought that was a 2nd trimester thing, not a 3rd trimester thing.   I’ve faced the fact that the morning sickness isn’t leaving, to cope I’ve decided to start counting the days until the baby arrives….morning sickness won’t last longer than I am pregnant right?

~ I bought a year’s supply of Orange Crush today.  Total craving purchase, but I couldn’t help myself, I needed it.   

~ Speaking of cravings, I have a new thing for the homemade tortillas at HEB.  I don’t even need to eat them, I can just smell them and it makes me so happy.  Last week their machine was broken and I was distraught to say the least.  I think Ty thought I was going to break down in tears right then and there as I sat there and stared at the "Out of Order" sign on the machine behind the deli counter.  He consoled me, tried to convince me that another HEB might have them.  Poor kid, having to deal with his hormonal mother like that, in public no less!!  LOL!!  Thankfully, I got to do the happy dance this week when the machine was up and running (which I’m positive was just as embarassing for Ty.  Granted, I haven’t eaten any out of the 3 packages I bought, I just smell them.  Yumm-o.

~ Our baby is still nameless.  We thought we had it narrowed down, but after 8 hours in the car together on our road trip with a baby name book, we might just be back to square one.   Jason is at the kitchen counter belting out name ideas as I type this….

~ Christmas pictures must happen this weekend if we are going to get Christmas cards out.  So many ideas but not a lot of time.  We’ll see what happens!

~ Getting mail from Gee-Gee is the highlight of every single day.  For me and the kids.  Yesterday it was books, bookmarks for Ty, fun catalogs to look through (Jason and Ty fought over the Harry Potter catalog) and watercolors for T.  This is for you mom (everyone else avert your eyes from the messy background and unpacked storage bins!)….the kids painting you pictures to send you some fun mail!


And I’ll leave you with this….Little T sacked out,  surfing the web with her daddy.  I love that she  has started falling asleep in the funniest places, a few nights ago she fell asleep with Ty again, sacked out in the recliner, head drooping forward.  I’m sure it means we need to move her bedtime if she’s that tired, but it’s just so darn cute.


Hopefully my next post will be filled with Christmas spirit as our family gets geared up for the holidays this weekend!