Check it out!  Little T and Kylie ((our dog)) are in the greeting card aisle!!!

I was commissioned by a card company last year and I am so excited to partner with them in the future as well.  They purchased two images for their most recent release and I just got the box of samples in the mail yesterday!!!!  So, if you are in the US, Canada, Australia or Ireland and you see my cuties in the greeting card aisle….give a wink and a smile for me!!

While I am out of the park thrilled about this, Little T is not.  When I showed her the cards it just brought back traumatic memories of the whole lollipop incident.  Alllllll she could talk about all day long was how Kylie stole her lolli.  Uh, yeah, TWO YEARS AGO KID, time to let it go!  LOL!!