Hi, I’m Ty.  I am doing a project for my math class. I have to take a poll and my mom said I could use her blog.  Hello, blog people.  It is a data collection project.  I have to create a teacher approved survey question, survey a minimum of 50 people and do a tally sheet.  I will do a frequency table and graph the results with a title, labels and creative display of the results.

My teacher approved survey question is:

[polldaddy poll=2002072]

Thanks, Ty

Lyndsay here……we can’t go talking about ice cream and not actually have any!!  So, for every 50 people that vote, I’ll choose a winner at random and give away a $5 Baskin Robins gift card!  Just vote and then leave your name in the comments for the giveaway!

Two other things……1)  click on the baskin robins link and turn up your volume.  Now imagine Teagan bee-bopping around the living room shakin’ his booty.  It’s pretty cute.  And 2)  my most recent favorite ice cream photo of said bee-bopping little dude taken a la iphone when we were on vacation.  The look on his face says “WHAT?!?!”


Did that put you in the mood for some ice cream??